Wanderlust: Milan

Milan is a part of Italy that is historic, culturally influential, and exciting to visit. As home to Italy’s Stock Exchange and the fashion industry, Milan is a dynamic place to visit for both business and pleasure.

Milan’s many historical landmarks, chic restaurants, and cultural institutions are worth adding to your travel agenda. However, with so many attractions to choose from, which should make your final list of things to do and places to see? Read on for some suggestions…


Milan has many dining options for you to choose from that range from stylish to luxurious and opulent. Try the exceptional Italian cuisine at Il Luogo Di Aimo e Nadia, a luxurious restaurant that offers superior service and posh surroundings. The 50-year history of excellence this landmark restaurant has established makes it a must-try!

Who hasn’t heard of legendary fashion designer Giorgio Armani? The answer is nobody. When in Milan, you should check out the Armani-designed décor of Nobu, a top-notch Japanese restaurant known for serving up the freshest sushi in the world. This collaboration between a top fashion designer and a prestigious restaurant is not to be missed!

Giacomo Milano is a posh seafood restaurant with a reputation for excellent food and service. Their entrée choices reflect a certain sense of imagination, and their wine list is excellent. Try the sea bass or the turbot for a true taste of Milan!

Sadler is another example of Michelin-rated excellence in cuisine. This restaurant features Mediterranean seafood dishes and classic Italian fare along with attentive and courteous service that will exceed your expectations for cuisine in Milan.

Restaurant Pizzeria Maruzzella is a great choice for authentic yet affordable Italian food. This well-known and well-rated gem is perfect for a tasty meal that might be more casual and low-key.


Milan’s options for accommodations include some of the most luxurious and prestigious hotels in the world as well as some choices that are certain to appeal to the more cost-conscious visitor.

The Four Seasons Milan is a classic option for the traveler who is looking for posh surroundings and a truly opulent experience. With service that is unparalleled and only the best amenities, the Four Seasons Milan is great choice for those looking for luxury.

UNA Maison Milano is another great place to stay in Milan. It is an early 20th century palace with chic rooms that is only a four-minute walk from the legendary Duomo Cathedral. As a top-rated hotel, UNA Maison is the perfect choice for those visitors looking for a bit of Milan’s history mixed with its contemporary appeal.

You can also check out Gran Duca di York, a romantic and posh hotel in a 19th century building on a cobblestone street.  Close to the metro and the Duomo, this elegant hotel is centrally located, and it offers an intimate and luxurious experience to its guests.


There is plenty to see on your visit to Milan. Check out Pinacoteca di Brera, a public gallery that showcases some fine Italian paintings from iconic artists like Bellini and Rubens.  

The Duomo, perhaps one of the most legendary Gothic cathedrals in the world, is a magnificent structure, and it is a must-see on your trip to Milan.

Make sure to see Leonardo’s Last Supper painting, known as one of the most important works in art history, located around the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. This piece of art has transformed art history with its creation of a new painting technique called “a secco,” which refers to painting on a dry wall.

Final Thoughts

Milan is a place that is as steeped in historic traditions as it is an epicenter for international business, fashion, and style. When you visit, take the time to immerse yourself in this richly textured culture as you take in the sights to see. You might be rewarded with an experience that is inspiring and moving. Stay tuned to Lionbridge onDemand’s blog for more travel tips in the Wanderlust series of articles!



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