Service Spotlight: Web Page Translation

Capitalizing on the Connectedness of Today’s Web

Previous Service Spotlights have covered 12 Hour Translation, Graphic File Translation, and the WordPress CMS connector. This week we’re exploring Web Page Translation.

It all started with the telegraph. Today we’ve graduated from sending “dits” and “dahs” via phone wire to complex digital coding travelling at light speed through fiber optic cables. Though Samuel Morse might be overwhelmed, in order to be successful modern enterprises must have webpages featuring stunning visuals, as well as compelling content.

Okay, so you’ve built your website for the user experience, incorporated graphics that compliment your message, and created content that gives your webpage a certain “stickiness” – leading visitors so deep into your blog they can’t tell Page Up from Page Down - but in how many languages?

The World Wide Web is just that: World-Wide. Why limit your audience strictly to those who understand your native language? With Lionbridge Technologies’ onDemand Portal, your web page can be ready for a global audience in a matter of days.

How does it Work?

Lionbridge has a network of more than 22,000 in-country translators working around the clock to translate your content as quickly and efficiently as possible. While our linguists work diligently on your projects, you can rest easy knowing the standard turnaround time for web page translation is 3 days, and that you’ll receive email updates upon completion of your project.

Lionbridge offers 3 options for web page translation, making it easy to select the best fit for your individual organization.

File Based Transfer

Supporting both HTML and XML files, the onDemand Portal streamlines translation into a four step process, all to be completed from the comfort of your desk top.

  • From the home page, select “Web Page” from the “Web & Apps” tab
  • Under the “Process” tab, select “Upload Your Content”
  • When prompted, locate your file in your hard drive and upload it to the website
  • The Portal will then ask to select the source language of the document, and the target language for translation (Choose as many or as few as you would like)
  • Once the document has been uploaded to the portal, you will be provided with an instant quote, approximating the cost of translating the uploaded document
  • After reviewing and submitting your order, sit back and relax. You will be notified upon completion of your document, guaranteed in 3 days.
  • While file based transfers are the most cost-effective solution, your organization remains responsible for managing the multilingual content and related site. Files are returned in the same format as submission and can easily be uploaded to your website.

Translation Proxy

Translation Proxy is a cloud-based website solution in which Lionbridge lifts HTML code from your source site, translates content, and hosts the translated version of the proxied site.

In this solution, the translated content acts as an additional layer on top of the source website, similar to the way a filter can be applied to an image. The translated website mirrors the image and functionality of the source website across all languages.

With Translation Proxy, the Lionbridge team both hosts and manages the multilingual sites, and any adjustments can be made through your Lionbridge point of contact.

Connector-Based Website Translation

In our Connector-Based website translation solution, the onDemand Portal connects directly to your open source content management system. Popular CMS connectors with whom Lionbridge shares a relationship include Sitecore, Drupal, Adobe Experience, and WordPress.

With this solution, content can be sent for translation directly from inside the content management system and directly imported back into the CMS upon project completion. This allows all versions of the website to be managed independently and streamlines the translation process.

What’s in it for Me?

The Internet already has global reach – why not maximize on that potential? Hosting a webpage in one language is similar to asking 10 people to read a book you’ve written but only giving one of them a flashlight. With your fully translated webpage, you’ve illuminated the whole room.

The simplicity of the Portal allows you to get back to the more important things on your To Do List in less time; and you can rest your mind at ease knowing that your content will be ready when you need it, without compromising on quality.

The instant-quoting system means you have time to browse a little more – leading you back to the Portal to finalize your project upon realizing that Lionbridge offers the most value for your dollar of any translation service provider around – All while keeping to your deadline!


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