Customer Testimonial: Life Fitness

Traditionally, translation can be tricky and frustrating to handle. However, an increasing number of successful businesses are choosing to trust Lionbridge onDemand as the solution to solving their translation pain points. 

In January of 2016, global fitness equipment manufacturer Life Fitness deployed Lionbridge onDemand, including a fully automated integration to Acquia by Drupal, the digital experience company. Now, global staff across different Life Fitness departments can manage their translation needs 24/7 via Lionbridge onDemand. 

"Translation was a painful, often delayed process before Lionbridge onDemand," said Bob Quast, Vice President Global Marketing & International Market Development, Life Fitness. "With onDemand we have eliminated delays and manual activity for quotes, status updates, file transfers, purchase orders and invoices. Content review is also streamlined through Lionbridge's Global Brand Voice and Review Workflow, which also allows us to manage brand consistency. The automated connection to Acquia flows web content into the same easy process. Lionbridge onDemand is a great solution for us." 

Life Fitness necessitates translation of several different content types, from websites to videos to compliance documents. Because of these varied content types, as well as the global nature of the business, Life Fitness was looking for an easier, more efficient way to translate. The Lionbridge onDemand solution was the way to go.  

“Life Fitness is responding to the demands of a highly engaged customer base, creating immersive, engaging digital experiences for their brand loyalists and fitness enthusiasts alike,” said Joe Wykes, VP of Global Channels, Acquia. “By integrating Lionbridge onDemand with the Acquia Platform, Life Fitness is accelerating the delivery of content and campaigns across markets to help build its global business.”

By partnering Lionbridge onDemand with Acquia for their Drupal CMS connection, Life Fitness can effortlessly and seamlessly translate an entire website and be assured they receive the highest quality result for their global customer base. For non-website content, the Lionbridge onDemand portal enables, any global Life Fitness user to upload a variety of content types 24/7 and receive an instant quote, which allows for easy budgeting of translation spend, and for Life Fitness to track spend across the enterprise.

More and more clients like Life Fitness are discovering the benefits and ease-of-use of the full end-to-end Lionbridge onDemand solution. For more information, please visit



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