Weekly Checkup with Lionbridge onDemand: March 28-April 1

The Weekly Checkup with Lionbridge onDemand is dedicated to bringing you the most recent news and updates concerning the onDemand team. 

Read on to find out what happened during the week of March 28-April 1, which marked the end of Q1 2016!

employee recognition

As Q1 drew to a close and each OSR sought to close business, the battle for OSR of the Week was fierce. Who ultimately won?

OSR of the Week: Maggie McKinney

Congrats, Maggie! First a promotion, now another victory! Build that resume!


call day - end of q1!

In customary Lionbridge onDemand style, the Waltham OSRs and OSMs participated in an end-of-quarter call day to properly finalize Q1 2016. This "call day" was actually spread across two days - Wednesday and Thursday. The reps and managers were split into two teams, and the winners, who made the most calls, held the most meetings, and pulled in the most revenue, were rewarded with a day off on Friday. Talk about a nice start to Q2!

Thanks to the whole team for your dedication and hard word during Q1! Let's ramp it up in Q2 and beyond!

we're hiring!

onDemand is searching near and far for candidates to fill OSR positions in Waltham, MA, Boise, ID, Indianapolis, IN, Warsaw, Poland, Panama City, Panama, Mumbai, India, and Jinan, China. It's not small feat for our tiny recruiting team, so do us a favor - if you think you're a good fit for the position, apply here today!

The Waltham Sales Operations team is also looking for a Graphic Design intern. If you or someone you know is currently enrolled in a Graphic Design program and are interested in a full-time summer internship, please email your resume and cover letter to jillianstjean@lionbridge.com. 

This has been another exciting edition of the "Weekly Checkup with Lionbridge onDemand." Join us again next week!


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