Q1 Roundup

Is it really almost May? 2016 is truly roaring past us with the fury of a thousand lions.

To fully appreciate how much has transpired during Lionbridge onDemand's Q1 2016, let's take a comprehensive look back at the last few months!

Introducing: our new team in Boise, ID!

In January, Waltham Senior OSR Bruce Adams valiantly packed up and headed West to become the manager of the brand-new Boise, ID onDemand team! 

       Boise, ID OSM Bruce and his lovely team!

      Boise, ID OSM Bruce and his lovely team!

Bruce started with onDemand in early 2015 and has been a consistently driven and positive presence during his tenure. He was quickly promoted to Senior OSR and, when the chance arose for him to move to Boise, he snapped up the opportunity. We are so grateful to Bruce for making this move.

The Boise team started out with a handful of OSRs and is on track to grow to about ten strong by the end of the summer. The OSRs have quickly adopted onDemand's culture and most have even made their first sale! 

Boise is now responsible for onDemand's west coast clients. Cheers to their continued success in Q2!

we're ramping up our workforce

As you may know, Lionbridge onDemand currently has teams located in Waltham, MA, Boise, ID, Warsaw, Poland, Mumbai, India, and Jinan, China. Because of the continued and increasing success of the onDemand full-service translation model, onDemand is ramping up workforce across all locations.

        Recruiter Jill St. Jean's career fair setup

       Recruiter Jill St. Jean's career fair setup

In Waltham, the current plan is to hire more resources by Summer's end. We are gearing up for June's new hire class, which will represent the largest new hire class in onDemand history. Recruiter Jill St. Jean and Junior Recruiter Hayleigh Kurtz have attended numerous career fairs around New England and hit the phones in order to find the most motivated and qualified new OSRs. 

This staffing increase is the culmination of months of effort on the part of management, Training Manager Bill Creed, and our Recruitment team.  Kudos to these special efforts!

On top of this, onDemand will be positioning teams in Indianapolis, IN and Panama City, Panama by the end of 2016. This will help with Midwestern and Central American customer bases, respectively. 

We are all excited to witness onDemand's progress and increasing global presence throughout the remainder of 2016 and 2017.

a healthier office is a happier office

A top priority for onDemand in Q1 was increased focus on office wellness. Call it a "New Year's resolution," if you will.



We had been regularly buying soda and junk food for the office snack drawers, and although that's delicious, we decided to make a switch to healthier options via SnackNation. Employees have also been given the option of requesting a standing desk from Oristand (studies have shown that periodically standing at work is highly beneficial). In an effort to bring some movement into the work space, management has implemented (optional) at-work yoga, meditation, and betterment sessions designed to reduce employee stress and increase body awareness and productivity. 

Additionally, the team is planning to participate in a Charity 5k in June. 


In February, the Waltham team braved the rush hour drive from the office to Boston to catch the Boston Celtics vs. Utah Jazz game. This outing served as the Q1 team building exercise, an opportunity for people to mingle with coworkers on other verticals and teams. 

                 Goofing off at the Celtics game

                Goofing off at the Celtics game

There was good food, great drinks, and some pretty awesome seats. And to make it all better, the Celtics won!

onDemand believes that these team bonding outings help to strengthen interpersonal relationships and foster trust and camaraderie between different verticals. As you can see, the team definitely had a blast.

Looking forward to the Q2 outing!

a visit from Lukasz

In March, the Waltham office hosted onDemand's Warsaw, Poland Team Leader Lukasz Gajewski. 

     Lukasz, a new Boston Red Sox fan

    Lukasz, a new Boston Red Sox fan

Our guest spent the week in the office getting some training with Waltham OSRs and management and bonding with his American teammates. This was his first visit to the States, and he made the most of it with dinners, a tour of Boston, and a trip to a Celtics game. 

Lukasz has been doing a fantastic job heading up the Warsaw team, and the number of employees under his management has steadily grown since the beginning of 2016. His team has grown from two individuals to four in just over two months. 

Keep up the good job, Lukasz, and come visit again soon!

finishing q1 on a strong note

As is customary with onDemand, the Waltham OSRs and OSMs participated in an end-of-quarter call day to properly finalize Q1 2016. This "call day" was actually spread across two days at the end of March. The reps and managers were split into two teams, and the winners, who made the most calls, held the most meetings, and pulled in the most revenue, were rewarded with a day off.

                      Q1 end-of-quarter call day

                     Q1 end-of-quarter call day

The entire onDemand team worked extremely hard during Q1, and this call day was a huge push to get some end-of-quarter business over the line. In Q1, the global onDemand teams had a combined:

  • 73,100 phone calls
  • 26,898 emails
  • 743 meetings
  • 1,698 sales

We're also super proud of our client base, which represents 35 countries.

After such a great Q1, you can bet the entire team is determined to exceed expectations in Q2.

Lionbridge onDemand would like to thank all of its dedicated employees and fabulous customers for giving us a memorable Q1 2016!


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