Global Brand Voice for the Common Man

Our "Common Man" blog series is committed to bringing you the most easy-to-digest information on translation industry topics and technologies. In today's edition, we will examine one of Lionbridge's proprietary creative services called Global Brand Voice.

What is Global Brand Voice, and how does it benefit each business that employs it? 

what is global brand voice?

Global Brand Voice, or GBV, is a value-added service that Lionbridge offers to clients, the goal of which is to balance global consistency and local relevancy in all company content

OK - what does all that mean?

Brand voice is the consistent expression of a brand through phrasing and prose style, among other things. For example, Burger King has a distinct brand voice that differs from that of McDonald's, even though they are both in the same industry. A brand voice should come through clearly in a company's marketing materials.

The basic concept of GBV is this: Lionbridge works with the reviewers for each target language to capture the company's distinct brand spirit in an objective matter across all linguistic assets (style guide, translation memory, glossary, etc.). We then confirm satisfaction and appropriateness with the corporate office and apply and update these preferences across all company projects. So, each project that a company sends to Lionbridge onDemand for translation should maintain a consistent brand voice through the use of GBV.

when and why should you use gbv?

There's no bad time to use GBV. Unlike certain services (such as proxy) that may only be appropriate solutions in certain situations, GBV is beneficial for all projects. However, it is especially necessary for website translation because of the rapid translation cycle and the wide global audience. Remember, the more people who see the content, the more it needs GBV.

the bottom line

GBV is an affordable way for companies to ensure that all translated projects are 100% on brand, 24/7/365. If your company has taken the time to formulate a successful marketing strategy dependent on a brand voice, that brand voice should be retained across all countries and cultures.

If you would like to learn more about Lionbridge's value-added services such as GBV, or if you believe GBV would enhance your company's translation projects, please take a moment to visit our website.

Thank you for reading this edition of the "Common Man" series. We look forward to seeing you again next week!


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