Weekly Checkup with Lionbridge onDemand: February 22-26

The Weekly Checkup with Lionbridge onDemand is dedicated to bringing you the most recent news and updates concerning the onDemand team. 

February 22-26 was an extremely busy and fulfilling week for the onDemand team. Let's go over the highlight reel!


     Behind the scenes as OSM Lauren gets her                                            headshots.

    Behind the scenes as OSM Lauren gets her                                            headshots.

                           Whiteboard doodles.

                          Whiteboard doodles.

On Tuesday, the Waltham office hosted photographer/videographer Taylor Pelletier. Taylor took professional headshots of each onDemand employee and shot employee testimonial and culture videos. He did a great job - stay tuned for the posting of those shots and videos on our website!

In preparation for Taylor's arrival, a few onDemand employees cleaned the office top to bottom and created a little whiteboard diagram with doodles representing each branch of the global onDemand team, from Waltham (the Prudential Center) to Boise (mountains) to Mumbai (the Taj Mahal). Thanks for your cooperation, Waltham!


onDemand's brand new employee wellness initiative was officially launched last week. Waltham's brand-new standing desks from Oristand arrived on Thursday, and some people (Ashleigh from marketing - see picture on left) could not wait to break theirs in!

The first monthly session of yoga was held on Wednesday. Over the next few weeks, there will also be meditation and betterment sessions. These are aimed at improving employee wellness and overall happiness at work.

On Friday, Waltham's replacement snacks from SnackNation finally arrived. As the office junk food supply had run out about a week earlier, the shipment had been eagerly awaited. 

After everyone tore into the snacks, the consensus was... two thumbs up! Looks like the healthier snack choices are here to stay.


                               Bruce and Samson.

                              Bruce and Samson.

Boise manager Bruce brought his newest canine family member, Samson, on an office visit so he could meet the gang (see picture on right). Isn't he adorable?

WE are still hiring

We are searching for the right people to join our growing team! The onDemand recruiters will be hitting several career fairs over the next few months. If you are a current student looking for a summer internship, or if you will be graduating in May and looking for full-time employment, consult this handy college tour calendar and come visit us! You can also check out our careers page to see all of our open opportunities. 

This has been another edition of the "Weekly Checkup with Lionbridge onDemand." Join us again next week!