5 Reasons to Work for Lionbridge onDemand

                                  We're fierce, just like this guy.

                                 We're fierce, just like this guy.

1. Your job is what you make it.

Unlike lots of other sales organizations, onDemand's Online Sales Representatives immediately have the ability to prospect and secure their own client accounts, instead of being forced to secure them for a more senior account executive. Representatives build their own revenue pipeline and manage their legacy accounts. Essentially, the harder you work to attract clients, the more successful you will be in your role. Your work ethic directly benefits your career outlook (and your wallet).

2. Opportunity for growth.

Since its founding in 2013, onDemand has seen many of its employees receive promotions or opportunities to move to other segments of the team, such as recruiting and marketing. One of the original sales interns has been with onDemand since 2013 and is now a full-time Online Sales Manager overseeing her own team. Several other all-star reps have been promoted to management positions; in fact, one representative moved from MA to Boise, ID to become the Boise team's manager.

There is a specific path set forth for each onDemand employee who comes aboard. For those employees who meet and exceed goals and benchmarks, rewards and promotions are guaranteed.

3. The culture.

When asked to summarize the onDemand culture in one word, most managers and employees will throw out things like "fun," "young," "exciting," and "challenging." Because the majority of onDemand's Online Sales Representatives are less than a few years out of college, the onDemand culture is one of camaraderie and healthy competition. Management encourages employee bonding by hosting quarterly employee team-building outings, which range from Red Sox and Celtics games to bowling and drinks.

4. The employee wellness program.

Recently, onDemand management recognized an area of at-work culture that could do with some improvement and upgrading: health and wellness. We had been regularly buying soda and junk food for the office snack drawers, but decided to make a switch to healthier options via SnackNation. Employees are also given the option of requesting a standing desk from Oristand (studies have shown that periodically standing at work is highly beneficial). As the cherry on top, management has implemented (optional) at-work yoga, meditation, and betterment sessions designed to reduce employee stress and increase body awareness and productivity. 

5. The other perks.

Lionbridge onDemand offers employees a lot of perks that aren't offered at other companies. These include a Wii system, putting green, and basketball hoop for use during downtime, and financial benefits such as insurance and 401k.

These perks could easily be taken for granted, but our employees know that they are offered because their employer truly cares about their happiness and job satisfaction.

Do these 5 reasons appeal to you? If you think you would be a good fit for Lionbridge onDemand, check out our careers page and apply today. We need awesome employees like you!


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