Weekly Checkup with Lionbridge onDemand: February 1-5

The Weekly Checkup with Lionbridge onDemand is dedicated to bringing you the most recent news and updates concerning the onDemand team. 

It's a brand new month. Let's see what happened from February 1-5, 2016!


Another Monday morning meeting with every onDemand sales employee. After last week's call day, everyone is wondering who will be crowned top OSR and OSM of the previous week.

And the winners are...

OSR of the Week: Chris Goodhue

OSM of the Week: Chris DiPietro

This is the second week in a row that Goodhue has won OSR of the Week, and it is his fourth overall win. Could this be the beginning of a winning streak for Goodhue?

Fantastic job, guys!

call day - round #2

On Thursday, February 4th, the Waltham onDemand sales team partnered up for a "mini" call day to see which duo could make the most calls and meetings.

And the winners are...

OSR Maggie McKinney and OSR Michael Robinson! 

You guys rock!


VP Aaron Hakenson surprised the ladies of the Waltham office (who are notorious for complaining about the temperature) with some lovely fleece blankets in signature onDemand orange!


Lionbridge onDemand is looking for talented people to join our team! Are you going to be graduating college in spring? Or are you looking for a career change? Check out our careers page to see all of our open opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you!

This concludes our third entry of the "Weekly Checkup with Lionbridge onDemand." We hope you have enjoyed reading. Please join us next week for another recap!