Waltham is Where You Want to Be

Lionbridge onDemand, the business that brings you these lovely blog posts every day, is headquartered in scenic Waltham, MA. If you don't currently live in or near the area, and you attempt to name cities located in MA, you might think of places such as Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, or Framingham. You may not know much about Waltham - you may not have even heard of Waltham.

However, Waltham is an expanding metropolitan area with hundreds of years of history and a gleamingly bright future. Here we will explore the city's past and list some reasons why Waltham is where you want to be.

The history of waltham

                         The Waltham city seal.

                         The Waltham city seal.

Waltham, which is about 12 miles outside of Boston,  was first settled in 1634 as part of nearby Watertown. It was later incorporated as its own town in 1738, and in 1884, as a city. The name Waltham was taken from the British town of the same name.

Like Lowell, Waltham was historically a mill town. In the 19th century, famous businessman Francis Cabot Lowell established the Boston Manufacturing Company in Waltham. The Boston Manufacturing Company was the first integrated textile mill in the US, and because of this, Waltham was on the ground floor of the American Industrial Revolution. 

The industrialization of the city attracted workers and entrepreneurs alike, and the population has skyrocketed from 900 in 1800 to about 64,000 in 2015.

Fun fact: In the 1970's and 1980's, rock band Aerosmith rented a warehouse they dubbed "The Wherehouse" located on Pond Street in Waltham. For about a decade, the band used The Wherehouse as a practice space and hosted fellow acts Ted Nugent and Boston.

we've got the smarts

 Bentley University, basking in foliage.

 Bentley University, basking in foliage.

Most cities in America can't even boast one university, but Waltham is home to two - count 'em, two - higher learning facilities. Bentley University and Brandeis University (both private and competitive) are housed in Waltham.

These universities are two of the largest non-city employers in Waltham, and their existence is transforming the area into a center for education and betterment. Students from these universities frequently intern at and, upon graduation, secure employment at surrounding businesses.

waltham's business is business, and business is boomin'

According to Bloomberg Business, Massachusetts was recently ranked the most innovative state in America, beating out tech capital California. As a center of technology and business, Waltham has undoubtedly contributed to this ranking. 

Some of the top non-city employers in Waltham run the gamut from engineering to pharmaceuticals and include Astra-Zeneca, Raytheon, Verizon, and Parexel International Corporation.

Many of the aforementioned businesses have been in Waltham for a few years, but other companies are flocking to the city, resulting in downtown construction. Shoe company Wolverine, which produces footwear lines Saucony and Sperry Top-Sider (among others), will be opening a regional headquarters in Waltham in June 2016. Fellow footwear manufacturer Clarks Americas Inc. is following suit and relocating its corporate headquarters to Waltham starting late fall 2016. Cimpress (a billion dollar company formerly known as Vistaprint) moved its headquarters to Waltham in 2015, bringing with it 1,000 jobs. Cimpress is now the largest non-city employer in Waltham.

what's there to do here, anyways?

So, you can get a top-notch education and a fantastic job in Waltham, but we all know that a city is nothing without a stellar entertainment scene. Luckily, Waltham's got more than a few cards up its sleeve. Here are a few places to grab a bite or drink while in Waltham.

FlankA brand-new steakhouse designed for the hungry man, woman, or child.

Moody's DelicatessenGet your lunchtime sandwich fix at this deli located on historic Moody Street.

Il CapriccioCraving Italian food and wine this evening? Look no further! 

Copper House TavernThis has got it all - burgers, beers, and atmosphere. Join your coworkers for a happy hour toast!

the bottom line

If Waltham wasn't already on your radar, it should be. It's got a  growing job market to rival Boston's, but without the horrendous Boston traffic (knock on wood). Unlike many other metropolitan areas in America that are experiencing stagnation in job formation, Waltham is driving in businesses. Because it is home to two separate universities, Waltham is seeing an upswing in cultural and educational programs across the city. And don't forget about the dozens of restaurants and bars to explore after work hours and on the weekends.

Like many other businesses in Waltham, Lionbridge onDemand is hiring. Are you intrigued about the opportunity to work with us in Waltham? Visit our careers page and fill out an application today. We can't wait to meet you!


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