Weekly Checkup with Lionbridge onDemand: January 18-22

The Weekly Checkup with Lionbridge onDemand is dedicated to bringing you the most recent news and updates concerning the onDemand team. 

Let's see what happened from January 18-22, 2016!

Employee Recognition

     Maggie McKinney (L) and Lauren Forest (R)

    Maggie McKinney (L) and Lauren Forest (R)

At this week's onDemand sales meeting, a few different awards were presented to some hardworking individuals.

As usual, VP of Online Sales, Aaron Hakenson, presented congratulatory wooden blocks and championship belts to the top OSR and OSM of the previous week.

And the winners are...

OSR of the Week: Maggie McKinney

OSM of the Week: Lauren Forest

Both Maggie and Lauren closed some hefty deals last week, so this win was well-deserved. Congratulations, ladies!

        L to R: Maggie McKinney, Chris DiPietro,                                        Stephanie Carone

       L to R: Maggie McKinney, Chris DiPietro,                                        Stephanie Carone

In addition to the normal OSR and OSM awards, Aaron presented plaques to the top performers of Q4 2015. 

And the winners are...

Q4 Top OSR: Maggie McKinney

Q4 Top OSM: Chris DiPietro

Q4 MVP: Stephanie Carone

The winners were chosen based on their accomplishments and contributions to the success of the onDemand team at the end of 2015. 

Congratulations to all three!

The Stevie Awards

On January 21, it was announced that Lionbridge onDemand is a finalist in the 10th annual Stevie Awards in the category of Online Sales Team of the Year.

The sales team awards categories recognize the members of individual teams within a company's overall sales department. The Online Sales Team of the Year award specifically recognizes sales teams that obtain the majority of their business through social media.

The onDemand team has made great strides since its inception in 2013. Our sales team grows stronger every week. It's an honor for the team to be nominated!

To view the announcement, including a full list of nominees, please visit their website

new employees

onDemand is very happy to announce some new additions to our fast-growing team.

Dave Gagnon

Dave is the newest addition to the Goodmancial Two sales team at the Waltham office. David joins us from Power Home Remodeling Group, also located in Waltham.

Seema Yadav

Seema is joining the Mumbai sales team. Seema attended the Kohinoor Business School and previously held an internship at Mobile Telecommunication Limited.

Swapnali More

Swapnali is also joining the Mumbai sales team. She earned her MBA from IEIBS AKADEMIA and was previously employed at Special Situation Advisors.

We wish the best to our new teammates as they transition to their onDemand roles!

we're hiring!

As always, we're looking for talented people to join our team! Check out our careers page to see all of our open opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you!

This concludes our first entry of the "Weekly Checkup with Lionbridge onDemand." We hope you have enjoyed reading. Please join us next week for another recap!