Translating Technical Illustrations

Posted by Jamie Faulkner

Do you need an assembly directional or an instruction manual translated into another language? Lionbridge onDemand has you covered.

Not only do we offer translation and localization services in over 250 languages by professional translators with expertise in your field, but we also have the option for technical illustrations.


According to the Social Science Research network, there are three main types of learners: audio, experiential, and visual. Of those, 65% are visual learners. That means that more than half of the world learns best by seeing—both written materials and pictures.

Our technical illustrations are simple black and white line drawings that show your product in its simplest form.  This helps your user understand the parts that make up your product and, if needed, help them with assembly or usage. “A picture is worth a thousand words” – this phrase has been used in discussing everything from the greatest works of art to the paint footprints of a preschooler, and everything in between.

Technical illustrations take this cliché saying to mean something different. A picture like this could save you a lengthy explanation of how to assemble a piece of furniture, or a frustrating conversation trying to determine which part needs to be ordered.  Here, we take the basic components of your product and depict them in a way that allows your audience to focus their attention on the individual pieces. This makes it easier for them to properly and simplistically understand your product.

By using technical illustrations instead of, or in addition to, written explanations and direction, you can effectively teach your audience how to use your product.  At Lionbridge OnDemand, we have illustrations starting at just $25 with a three day turnaround. Whether you need a part replacement guide, assembly instructions or employee instructional manuals, we can help you out with pictures and words. Check out our other options here.