Lionbridge onDemand’s Top Translated Languages of 2015 (So Far)


When expanding a business or widening the marketing net, it is often necessary to translate company documents, apps, or websites into one or more different target languages. But which languages should you choose? Which languages are most appropriate, and which will get you the most “bang for your buck”?

Lionbridge onDemand recently conducted a business review and compiled a list of our top sixteen most translated languages from January to July 2015.

Although it may seem like a more commonly-spoken language like Spanish would have easily topped the list, this was not the case. Surprisingly, German takes the #1 spot, just above French and Japanese.

Rounding out the list are Polish, English (UK), and Russian. For a complete list of top sixteen languages, please see the graphic below.

The Takeaways

So, what do these results mean for your business?

There are several takeaways from this list, including:

  • These may be the languages to choose. Lionbridge is at the forefront of the translation industry, not only when it comes to revenue, but also as it pertains to thought leadership and industry trend research. If you haven’t considered some of these languages before, be sure to give them a second thought.
  • It’s not just Spanish and French anymore. In any increasingly globalized world, product popularity shifts from country to country year to year. To keep up with global demands, it is important to do research instead of assuming that commonly-spoken languages, such as Spanish, will suffice when translating company materials.
  • This is what your competitors are doing! Lionbridge is the largest and #1 translation company in the world, and we serve thousands of clients. The numbers don’t lie – these languages have served well to expand our customers’ businesses in 2015!

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