Lion in the Limelight: Megan Hess

Posted by Ashleigh Chretien



In this edition of Lion in the Limelight I caught up with Megan Hess, who is an Online Sales Rep on the onDemand team! Megan is hard working and because of that she recently was awarded OSR of the week and got to show off with a stylish WWE belt around the office.This week, I spent a few minutes with Megan to learn more about why she chose Lionbridge onDemand and where she sees her career going!

AC: Tell us about your role and position at Lionbridge onDemand?

MH: I’m an Online Sales Representative on the Goodmancial team, where I focus on cold calling to consumer goods, manufacturing, finance, and retail companies. I spend my time prospecting, cold calling, scheduling meetings, and making sales.

AC: What about Lionbridge onDemand made you want to work here in the first place?

MH: The friendly, hardworking, and determined team that I get to work with every day.

AC: What is your proudest/ favorite memory at Lionbridge onDemand?

MH: Being named OSR of the week!


AC: Tell us about your first sale?

MH: I had a meeting with a client who wanted a quote and would make a final decision the next day. I waited all day and even stayed a little late to see if she needed assistance with the submission process. The order finally went through when I checked my email at home that night, but the next morning I was welcomed with my first block and sale siren in the office.

AC: Before working at Lionbridge, what other jobs did you have?

MH: I was a server at a local Italian restaurant for a couple of years. Then I had an internship working for a Syrian bakery during college, where I attended product demos at local co-ops and grocery stores as well as designing holiday promotions.

AC: What are your long-term career goals and aspirations?

MH: To be a Product Manager or own my own business

AC: What’s your claim to fame?

MH: I graduated from college in 3 years

Siblings (or children): Older sister, Melanie

Animal: Lady Bug

Condiment: Ranch and Hot sauce

Favorite place to eat: Greek Corner, Cambridge MA

Adult beverage: Margarita

Movie: Any with Adam Sandler or Steve Carell

Celebrity Crush: Charlie Hunnam

Food: Homemade Mac & Cheese

Kitchen Appliance: Panini Press

Music: Pop/Country/Rock

Color: Black