Lion in the Limelight: Lindsey Zolot

In her few months here at Lionbridge onDemand, Lindsey has already begun making an impact. Her vivacious spirit and sassy euphemisms are contagious to anyone within ear shot. When she is not quoting movies or shamelessly serenading Tech Team 1, she is on the phone. She may not be the next pop princess, but she is a cold calling all-star, topping the charts each week.

Ashleigh: Tell us about your role and position at Lionbridge onDemand.

Lindsey: I’m an Online Sales Rep. More specifically I work on the Technology Vertical which entails selling to pharmaceutical, medical device, software companies, social media platforms, etc.  in North America. A wise man once said, “More cold calls leads to more meetings, more meetings leads to more opportunities and more opportunities generates more revenue.”

Ashleigh: What is your proudest/ favorite memory at Lionbridge onDemand?

Lindsey: The day they called and said they hired me!

Ashleigh: Tell us about your first sale!

Lindsey: LOL to be honest, when the email came in I think I deleted it before looking at it. It wasn’t until Ashleigh turned to me and said, “Linds, is that you? I think you just made your first sale!” My first thought was, “…! I guess that solidifies my place in the real world.” But aside from that (harsh) realization, it was also a rewarding feeling to see that my efforts had not gone unrecognized and allowed me to feel a sense of contribution to the team.

Ashleigh: What other jobs have you had?

Lindsey: I worked as a cashier at a grocery store, waitressed at a Lobster house, shamelessly drove an ice cream truck one summer, and my last job I worked for iHeartMedia

Ashleigh: What are your long-term career goals and aspirations?

Lindsey: Right now, I’m focused on my current role and coming up to speed quickly. My longer range goal is to become an expert in whatever field I pursue – hopefully become a person that people seek out for answers.

Ashleigh: What’s your claim to fame?

Lindsey: I had my own radio show!

Quick Facts

Fun Fact: I have two different color eyes

Book: The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom

Color: Green

Siblings: Older brother Justin and two dogs, Banshee and Vista


Favorite place to eat: Anywhere that doesn’t charge extra for guac

Adult beverage: IPAs

Movie: Finding Nemo and any movie with Will Ferrell

Celebrity Crush: Everyone

Food: Sweet potatoes

Kitchen Appliance: Avocado cutter

Music: Country