Transcreation: Translating Creative Value in Global Settings

Truly great brands have enough foresight to realize that when going global, localization is key to success. Any moderately successful international business has also learned it is imperative that the translators doing their translation work are native of the target language and embedded in the culture so that they can understand deeply how they should translate every string of text.

However, there is another side to standard translation which can prove inefficient. There exists a need for a different process.

How do you go about translating your precise brand content—your taglines, advertisements, brand messaging, web copy, etc.—while carrying over the value and resonance that your brand has developed within your source audience, over to the target audience? For example; if you’re Nike, how do you translate “Just Do It” into Traditional Chinese? How exactly are you going reach your global audience, in the most accurate way possible?

With precise brand content like this, the value doesn’t lie in an accurate translation of literal meaning; it’s much deeper and emotional than that. The value lies in the style—the message, and how that message resonates within the context of the target market. What the words spell out simply is not where you will find the value of the slogan. When the success of international content relies overwhelmingly on an essential voice or style, a different kind of translation is required. It is at this point in the localization process that even an experienced, in-country, industry-specific translator falls short. This is when Transcreation becomes an invaluable asset.

Transcreation differs from traditional translation in a few ways, but it all starts with the translator. Linguistically speaking, translators assigned to Transcreation services are equally as qualified as the rest of our translator network—and then some. Our Transcreation specialists are experts in marketing, creative copywriting, and design. They understand the importance of creative value and are experienced with translating content types associated with it.

So, in which areas should one consider applying Transcreation as opposed to traditional translation? Transcreation works most effectively when applied to materials such as email marketing, multi-country or regional campaigns, content marketing, advertising, taglines and messaging, or content with humor or cultural references. That being said, once the full benefits of the service are digested, an organization may consider using it to personalize any number of client-facing documentation.

The next step in localization, Transcreation, is a tool that allows companies to offer their international clients highly personalized, memorable experiences that they are likely to resonate with. That is what will make your brand one of the truly great ones. Get your message out there the right way!