The Pains of Multilingual Site Management

Most companies are frustrated by the traditional process of managing multilingual content. There are too many steps that take too long, and too many ways that things can go wrong. The entire process spans the following steps:

• Identifying new changes in the source language
• Determining if they should be translated due to new changes in the source language
• Exporting the content
• Managing content strings through a portal to a translation company who will perform the translation
• Sending translations back through the interface
• Putting them on a staging server
• Reviewing the translated content
• Soliciting feedback from local markets folks
• Multiplying that across 10,20,30 languages

A new option for multilingual site management is Translation Proxy. A translation proxy enables companies to offer a multilingual website, but only manage a single language in their web content management (WCM) system. The translation proxy manages all of the translated content in the cloud in a seamless manner.