The Importance of Transcreating Content

Posted by Michela Ferullo

When it comes to spanning to foreign markets, a company’s first instinct is to adapt and translate their websites and documents to the native language (at least it should be!)  Thinking beyond the words is an essential concept to master while taking your business abroad. Transcreation is a term used by marketing and business professionals to describe translating content to a new language without losing the intended connotation. A lesson learned by many companies already is that translating a slogan or image from one country has a differently interpreted result in another. The anticipated message does not always have the same effect in another language.  By localizing your content and establishing a foreign brand image, you are truly reaching your target market. As important as it is to properly translate your company’s text-based resources, it’s vital to also take a step back and focus on your other content.

Each year, marketers attempt to bring a fresh approach to promoting their brand’s content. Contently named the three top content formats for 2015 as branded web series, interactive infographics, and branded comics. Of course, like with any other content, taking it across country borders can lead to mix-ups and messages being mistranslated. Each content medium provides its own obstacles and troubles when taking it internationally, but in order to successfully globalize, companies must productively transcreate these designs to be suitable for the rest of the world.

Branded Web Series

These scripted videos or “webisodes” are designed like a television series; they can usually be accessed by streaming or sites such as YouTube, and have recently been used by many companies as another way of getting their brand name out there. One company profitably employing this channel of marketing is Chipotle.
Chipotle went viral with their satirical series, released just last year, cleverly named “Farmed and Dangerous.”
The series is exposing the concerns of the perverse agricultural industry, while simultaneously putting the brand in a positive light for supporting these popular causes.

International brands such as Chipotle can only profit from using this new vehicle of marketing universally. The key to extending your video content overseas is to absolutely ensure the subject matter is not only translated correctly, but localized for the new audiences. Branded web series, like any other video content, must use transcreation to adapt to local norms and cultural differences. Companies that specialize in translation and localization, such as Lionbridge, are the best fit for transcreation projects such as this one. The videos need to go beyond just translation and be localized to the specific region of the world to adhere to the background references, dialect, and humor preferences of the locals in order to portray the designated original message in an effective manner.

Interactive Infographics

A new generation of enlightening visuals is interactive infographics. These are being programmed and developed to assist companies in getting vital statistics and helpful information across to consumers in a graphically appealing and collaborative way. Having the facts and numbers laid out in such a manner makes the information more relevant, fascinating, and easily understood.

Google has been a technological industry leader internationally for years now. The published an extremely informative interactive infographic on the process of how search works via Information such as this can be interesting and useful to even the most inept internet search user. Due to Google’s global reach, an infographic such as this must be able to modify its content to accommodate every country and language, and everything, from the numbers to the catchy phrases used, must be understood in these far-off expanses.

Branded Comics

Any effective form of marketing is one that instantly grabs your audience’s attention and reels them in. What’s more attention-grabbing than a little strip of colorful pictures with funny captions? From children to adults, most people can enjoy some form of humor in the configuration of a laughable blurb or comedic graphic. Businesses have been looking towards comic-like content to help get their message across in a more direct, lighthearted way. On top of that, images such as comics and infographics have been so prevalent lately due to the fact they’re easily shareable and have the ability to go viral in our web-based world.

The difficulty with comics is that humor vastly varies from culture to culture. The key factor common among most successful globalized campaigns is a message that is capable of being universal. By creating a comic that can have a universal message with interpretable humor, you have hit the jackpot of international marketing. However, like words, these images and graphics must also be translated and localized. Red Bull has magnificently applied cartoon comics, constantly marketing with drawn figures using concepts that can be understood worldwide. Using a variety of clever situations with the slogan “Red Bull gives you wings,” the company has created lots of cartoon comic-like commercialsand advertisements.

In order for the message to be just as effective overseas as it is at the point of origination, a company must employ the right organization to localize and transcreate a new and improved internationally shared content. Anything from documents, to website, to graphics and videos, Lionbridge onDemand can assist with all your translation, localization, and transcreation needs.