Premium Translations Come With Major Advantages

In global companies, not all content is created equally. For this reason, some localization projects involve translating content that will be highly visible, is intended for a priority audience, or simply requires extra care. It is specifically for projects of this nature that we’ve developed our Premium Translation service.

When dealing with sensitive content, selecting Premium Translation is the smartest decision. Premium Translation includes the addition of a diligent, final QA session. It is during this process that an experienced proofreader takes the time to look over the project, ensuring absolute quality. This extra step of proofreading for excellence can stand alone as a service offering, resulting in immediate benefits (perfectly completed projects!). However that’s not the only way to implement our Premium Translation services: introducing, Global Brand Voice. Premium Translations, when paired with our Global Brand Voice service, provides our clients with benefits both immediate and long term.

As a stand-alone product, Premium Translation offers some perks. First of all, selecting Premium Translation allows you peace-of-mind. You know that the finished product will be fantastically executed and ready for market without any additional correcting. Our Premium Translation output meets the highest professional-quality industry standard achievable. Furthermore, unlike other Language Service Providers, our Premium Translation service comes at a flat rate; prices do not fluctuate according to language pairing, whether you select Dutch, Spanish or Japanese.

When strategically paired with Global Brand Voice, our Premium Translation service enables you to generate consistent excellence across all of the translation and localization projects your team has.

It works like this:

If your company expects to have a stream of incoming localization projects, implement Premium Translation for the first five projects. With the addition of the Global Brand Voice service, our software will take the Premium Translations, proofread for perfection, and apply the content to your company’s dedicated Translation Memory and glossaries. Uploading project after project increases the value of these essential tools. Utilization of Global Brand Voice ensures that our software— used to speed up turnaround and maintain content consistency—is able to learn even faster, while developing extremely high quality standards that will be applied to all further projects. Global Brand Voice, once exercised with your brand, becomes available across all services: even if you choose to downgrade from Premium Translation to ourstandard translation services (which are also pretty sweet). This makes the implementation of Premium Translation alongside Global Brand Voice a truly sound investment.

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