Managing Translation Spend & the Drawbacks if You Don’t

Posted by Allison Gillespie

If the needs of business stakeholders aren’t met, they will go rogue

Rogue, you say? Going rogue means that there is a loss of control around cost, consistency, and quality. Going rogue means your departments and teams are out there, doing their own thing and finding their own vendors without the approval of upper management. In terms of translation spend, going rogue occurs across Marketing, Product, Sales, Legal, HR, and Training and is rarely broken out in invoices from agencies. For companies with translation needs in multiple departments, you’re also looking at the loss of potential volume discounts or rebates.

The downsides to rogue employees aren’t limited just to discounts or rebates. Rogue translation spending comes with some very specific downsides:

  • Cost: Costs are higher because there is no corporate leverage. Expedited production comes at a high-cost per instance when using multiple vendors
  • Consistency: No consistent language assets (style guide, glossaries, and translation memories) are in use. Translations are inaccurate, misleading and conflicting as a result.
  • Visibility: Because translation is so decentralized, visibility into the spend category is challenging and spend is harder to aggregate. Who is using what?!

The solution must satisfy both the business stakeholders and procurement – You may ask yourself – what is the best way to accomplish this? Is there one language service provider who can help me reign in my employees, while making the task of translation easier and more cost effective? Yes. You could just fire up Google Translate and cross your fingers for high readability results from their robo-Machine-Translation. Or, you could turn to Lionbridge onDemand.

How onDemand can Help You Approach the Challenges of Translation Spend

It might seem challenging to find a solution that meets both the needs of procurement and business stakeholders, but Lionbridge onDemand does just that.

OnDemand is a secure, easy-to-use online ordering system that manages all of your rich media translation needs, while providing essential control, consistency, quality and standardization.

Lionbridge onDemand

  • Lowers costs and provides oversight at project and enterprise levels
  • Meets business stakeholder needs of turnaround aped, diverse content types, and ease-of-use
  • For those who work through Ariba, onDemand increases spend under management as a punchout catalog for e-procurement systems

Although managing translation spend is hugely important, the benefits of onDemand don’t begin and end with savings. Lionbridge onDemand can offer businesses large and small the tools to reach the largest global audience possible. And for that, you should give us a try.