Lionbridge onDemand Lion in the Limelight: OSM Stefano Gasbarrino


Stefano Gasbarrino is our newest manager and an international man of mystery with multiple citizenships. Not to mention, he’s honestly one of my favorite people in the world. He makes work fun, is always happy, is super kind, and he makes up words and phrases that have taken permanence into our vocabularies (“sakatah!” “do it, you won’t!”)

The office is always whispering about where this kid Stefano is really from. Let’s finally set the record straight! Stefano was born in Chicago, but soon moved to Italy, then back to Chicago, then Mexico, then the Philippines, then Venezuela, then New Jersey, then Pennsylvania, back to Venezuela, and he now resides in Boston. His parents live in Venezuela, and his twin sister lives in Michigan. They get around.

Stefano attended Bentley University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Marketing and a minor in Management, which was great education for him since he now manages our Technology II team at Lionbridge headquarters in Waltham.

Stephanie: Tell us about your role and position at Lionbridge onDemand.

Stefano: I am an Online Sales Manager here at Lionbridge onDemand. Lionbridge is my first job after college, and I’m grateful to have found a place that I love coming to everyday. It is a bonus that I have been quickly promoted thanks to great leadership and direction. I manage the Technology II team and we work hard to be competitive with the Tech I team.

SC: What about Lionbridge onDemand made you want to work here in the first place?

SG: I enjoyed that Lionbridge onDemand was a new approach within an established market. I liked that onDemand operates like a startup, which would automatically give me a lot of responsibility from day one. I feel as if I wouldn’t have been able to get the experience at any other big corporation. I dealt with clients right off the bat, and managed the whole sales process, just weeks after graduating. This has allowed me to quickly learn how to be an effective salesperson by learning by trial by fire.

SC: What is your proudest or favorite memory at Lionbridge onDemand?

SG: Most recently, I am proud of being able to become a manager and becoming directly responsible for my team and their growth. Much like Lauren guided me, I’m looking forward to enabling and fostering the careers of my team.

SC: Tell us about your first sale.

SG: It was roughly a month after I started and we were sitting in the conference room last Summer, all squeezed in and making as many calls as possible. I had been speaking to this client for a while, answering their questions and seeing how we could best fit their specific translation needs. We were in a internal meeting and right when I got back to my desk, an intern was like “Did you see it?!” That’s when I checked my email and saw the notification that they had purchased. It was and still is the biggest first deal of any rep in Lionbridge onDemand history and I hope it stands for a long time.

SC: Before working at Lionbridge, what other jobs did you have?

SG: In Venezuela, I had a marketing internship at Sodexho. I dealt with a lot of presentations and marketing research concepts that focused on how to attract customers, but I realized that I actually wanted to be the one there…be the one actually talking to the clients. This internship made me realize I wanted to be the go-to man that clients can come to with issues and problems and I would be a trustworthy consultant to guide them. The internship was interesting, and I’m grateful for it because it showed me that I really, at the end of the day, I wanted to be a salesperson, and not a marketing executive.

Also, in high school I was a babysitter for 4 kids under age 7. Definitely don’t want to be a nanny any time soon.

SC: What are your long-term career goals and aspirations?

SG: I want to stay in sales or any job that is client facing. I’d like to continue climbing up the ranks here and manage more people than I do today. Long-term, I’d like to work internationally like my dad and live somewhere as an ex-pat, giving the same international lifestyle to my kids that my parents provided to me and my sister.

Quickfire Favorites:

Siblings: Twin Sister Alexa and Barclay (My dog)
Food: Sushi
Condiment: Sriracha Mayo (homemade, put that on some bread with some lunchmeat and press in a panini press. sakatah!)
Movie: I like action or comedies.
Music: reggaeton
Most recent movie I’ve seen: Mad Max. loved it.
Latest binge: Friends
Sports team: Chicago Bears
Outdoor activity: Running the Charles.
Pickup line: I’m straightforward. “You’re beautiful, what’s your name?” It works everytime.
Way to de-stress: running or watching a movie.
Animal: albatross
Place to eat: Asian fusion restaurants
(Adult) Beverage: cuba libre (rum & coke)
Kitchen Appliance: wooden spoon to stir pasta with