Lion in the Limelight- Maggie McKinney

Posted by Sophia Barnhart

For the latest edition of our Lion in the Limelight series, we bring you another profile of one of our Online Sales Representatives.

Despite her short time here, Maggie has instantly become known as a ball of sunshine here at the office. Her upbeat, cheerful personality can be heard by all as she makes all her clients smile over the phone. Not to mention, she’s got a killer fashion sense. Making the office look and feel better, Maggie has become an essential member of our team!

Sophia: Tell us about your role and position at Lionbridge onDemand.

Maggie: I started here as an Online Sales Rep just under 2 months ago. I’m on the Tech II team with Stefano. Essentially I make a ton of phone calls to tech medical device companies.

SB: What about Lionbridge onDemand made you want to work here in the first place?

MM: I really liked seeing all the other young sales reps. I realized this is such a great environment to learn in; after all, this is my first job. What I really appreciate is that here, I don’t just generate leads—I get to follow through the whole sales process and actually get to close deals.

SB: What is your proudest or favorite memory at Lionbridge onDemand?

MM: Getting my first sale!

SB: Tell us about your first sale.

MM: My first sale was with an app called TapJoy. Essentially, they develop ads for marketing campaigns to be shown during games in apps. Their first purchase wasn’t huge, but it was super exciting! Since then, they’ve purchased more—including some projects for TriviaCrack! I used to play that game ALL the time, but I eventually had to delete it because it was so addicting.

SB: Before working at Lionbridge, what other jobs did you have?

MM: Although this is my first full-time job out of college, I have had some part-time jobs. I worked part time at a preschool for three years as an assistant teacher. I’d help with the daily activities like getting snacks, leading projects, and holding story time! I also was a nanny for two kids while in college. As you can see, I worked a lot with kids—I originally wanted to be a high school history teacher, actually. But when I arrived at Lionbridge, I found out how much I love sales, so I might be leaving that dream behind!

SB: What are your long-term career goals and aspirations?

MM: My long-term goal would ideally be moving up within Lionbridge. I’d love to be a sales manager one day, maybe even managing a Tech team! Beyond Lionbridge, though, it’s still too soon to tell.

Siblings: Half-brother (much older)

Fun fact: Used to be a figure skater

Food:  Spaghetti and meatballs

Condiment: Ranch dressing

Movie:  Batman, the Dark Knight

Music:  Country

Most recent movie I’ve seen: Pitch Perfect 2

Latest binge:  Bachelorette

Outdoor activity: Going to the beach

Animal:  Elephant

Place to eat:  Bertucci’s

(Adult) Beverage:  Pineapple Martini

Kitchen Appliance: Crockpot