Lion in the Limelight: John Webber

Posted by Jamie Balkin

John Webber, our Belmont-based Junior Sales Representative, was a hole-in-one for us here at onDemand. Even as a finance major at Fairfield University, John learned that there is no class in college that specifically teaches you the art of sales—it’s something you have to go out and just learn for yourself. After discovering Lionbridge onDemand through a campus recruiter, John applied right away and was asked to come in for an interview. He was immediately impressed with the offices and loved the young, upbeat environment.

Not only has John been an integral part of the sales team but he also plays a huge role on his university golf team!  John is what they call a scratch golfer, a player who can play to a Course Handicap of zero on any and all rated golf courses, and has been playing golf since he was just a mere five years old. The love for the “green” doesn’t stop at golf; John also has an adorable pet turtle named Katie.

At Fairfield University, John’s involvement stretches beyond the golf course. He is an active member of the mentor program and finance club on campus. In his free time, you can find John catching some rays down by the beach or watching his favorite show Entourage.

John hopes to gain a successful business career in a big city after graduation. We here at Lionbridge onDemand hope by the end of his time with us he will love the color orange…

Needless to say, we are so happy to have John on our team!