Lion In The Limelight: Intern

Posted by Allison Gillespie

Lion In The Limelight: Content Intern, Jamie Balkin

This week’s second spotlight introduces you to our second Content Team Intern, Jamie Balkin. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Jamie is about to enter her final year of college at Boston University. This afternoon, I sat down with Jamie to discuss her decision to intern at Lionbridge and where she sees herself upon graduating next spring.

Jamie has long been a student of the Chinese language, beginning her study and love of the language at age 14. Pair that with her lifelong love of travelling to faraway places, experiencing other cultures, and all things marketing, the Content Creation Internship here at Lionbridge is simply a no-brainer. “As soon as I got here, I loved it and felt comfortable,” Jamie said, in regards to her first time on our campus. Ever since, Jamie has been a part of the most productive content team we’ve seen, and the rest of onDemand is loving it. Last summer, Jamie spent a few months interning in China, and knew that this year, she wanted to take part in a company where she’d get similar cultural and language leaning experience. In joining Lionbridge, Jamie is able to bridge her love of travel, culture, and languages with her studies in marketing and advertising.

Jamie can see her post-grad plans leading her down a few different paths. Whether its here in her temporary home state of Massachusetts or out west, her only requirement is creativity. As long as the role requires her to utilize her creative and interpersonal skills, Jamie will be satisfied. She finds find herself the most happy surrounded by driven, like-minded creative folks. If that position happens to be within the realm of professional sports? Even better: Jamie is a life-long, die-hard sports fanatic.

Jamie is a talented addition to our Content Team, and we are just so happy to have her. Keep an eye out for her writing and graphic design work!