Lion In The Limelight: Intern

Lion In The Limelight: Content Intern, Sophia

Introducing a new feature: Lion In The Limelight. Each week we will publish a short interview with our employees in order to give our readers a peek into the many wonderful members of our Lion pack. First up: Content Intern Sophia Barnhart. Sophia is a soon-to-be senior at NYU. I sat down with her this afternoon to find out what made her choose Lionbridge and where she sees herself after graduating next spring.

As a student at NYU, Sophia has taken a wide array of business classes finding a real groove in marketing based courses. It is this deep interest in marketing that led Sophia to seek out a specific role for her summer internship. In researching companies, Sophia came across Lionbridge organically. The international nature of Lionbridge’s presence and industry provide the perfect bridge between her love of travel, far away places, and marketing. She said that it also helped that each person she interviewed with came off as energetic and enthusiastic, traits which she hopes to embody as a member of the workforce post-grad.

Her post-grad plans include living in a major city: either San Francisco, where she grew up, or New York City. The main reason for this choice? The walk-ability and spontaneity that only a city is able to provide. There’s always something to do, something new to try. It is within these two cities that Sophia hopes to find a job. As a student who is constantly challenging and improving upon herself, she hopes to find a role that will not only do just that, but provide fulfillment and happiness: “I see myself being in a place where I am doing something that genuinely makes me happy and makes me excited to go to work each day.”

We are so happy to have the talented Sophia as a member of our Summer Intern Team! Keep an eye on our Facebookand Blog to see more of Sophia’s writing and graphic designs (like the one below!)