Lion in the Limelight: Hayleigh Kurtz

Posted by Jamie Balkin

Today, we’d like to introduce one of our Sales Interns, the lovely Hayleigh Kurtz. Hayleigh is another Bostonian gal with an extreme passion for Pinterest and describes herself as a “religious Netflix watcher.” When she isn’t closing deals at the office, Hayleigh is an avid runner and loves to cook. She tells me how she has perfected the chicken parm, her’s and many others’ favorite dish! This week, I spent a few minutes with Hayleigh to learn more about why she chose Lionbridge onDemand and where she sees herself after college.

Hayleigh, a rising junior at Quinnipiac University and a Small Business and Entrepreneurship major, was attracted to the startup environment of onDemand. During her interview, she immediately fell in love with the energy and passion of the other online sales reps. She is also an active member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority, whose mascot is a lion. Fate? We think so!

After college, Hayleigh would like to work in a startup company or if she has an ah-ha! moment would like to start something of her own. We’re fully confident that with her outgoing personality and creative mind she can totally do it!

We are so happy to have Hayleigh onboard this summer!