Lion In The Limelight: Online Sales Manager

Lion In The Limelight: Online Sales Manager, Lauren Forest


In continuing our series Lion In The Limelight, we bring you the first Online Sales Team profile. As the first ever Sales Rep for onDemand, Lauren has been with us through everything and we couldn’t imagine onDemand life without her. This week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with her to learn more about her success, career and personal life.

Lauren is a true Massachusetts girl at heart. She was born and raised in Ayer; graduated with a marketing degree from Assumption College in Worcester; and now accomplishes amazing things for us in sales at our Waltham headquarters. Check out Lauren’s answers to my questions below:

Allison Gillespie: Give us a 30 second elevator pitch about yourself and life story.

Lauren Forest: I am New England born and raised, a dedicated sales manager, who enjoys helping companies successfully go global…and long walks on the beach.

AG: Tell us about your role and position at Lionbridge. How long have you been with the company?

LF: I am an Online Sales Manager. I’ve been with the company exactly 2 years as of June 3rd, even though it feels like way longer than that. Technology and Life Sciences are my specialties: I really enjoy working with my clients and learning more about those industries.

AG: What about Lionbridge made you want to work here in the first place?

LF: I really liked the company’s reputation. After talking with Aaron (another Assumption College Alum!) I did a little research on Lionbridge and the language translation industry. Both seemed like they fell in line with my interest in international business- Lionbridge has such an extensive international presence.

I also thought that Aaron seemed sharp and talented- a good mentor to have as I started my career in sales.

AG: What is your proudest or favorite memory at Lionbridge?

LF: This one is easy: getting my first big sales award for being performer of the quarter Q3. Before then, it was not easy. Deals were tough to close, and I put in a lot of hard work prospecting and meeting with clients. After working so hard it was great it to see it all pay off, to be recognized for busting my ass.

AG: Tell us about your first sale.

LF: I actually remember this moment so clearly.  It was the end of summer 2013 and it was a Friday. Only Aaron and I were in the office, and I was busy cold calling my leads. I actually found this person simply by calling them. I had made it a habit to research all of my target clients, and in doing so I had seen that they were expanding globally. They were, and they needed translations almost immediately. It was just a small project, but the size didn’t matter to me then. That first sale kind of gets the monkey off your back. Getting that first sale makes selling seem like, “oh this is completely attainable” instead of some kind of elusive goal. I was SO excited.

AG: Before working at Lionbridge, what was your most unusual/interesting job? Tell us about it!

LF: The most interesting job I had prior to Lionbridge was during college. I was a marketing intern at another Waltham-based company called Brainshark. That summer I got to tag along with the team at their appearance at a marketing convention in the Seaport District of Boston. The best part? I was dressed up as their mascot: the Brainshark. In that big furry costume, I: couldn’t breathe, couldn’t see and couldn’t cool down. As I said, it was summertime, so it had to be about 100 degrees down in the Seaport. We had to move from one building to another, meaning I had to cross the street in the shark costume. I swear to god, I almost got hit by a car because I couldn’t see peripherally at all. This is what intern life is like, people!

AG: What are your long-term career goals and aspirations?

LF: I really love sales. I see myself staying in the field for a long time. I also really like managing and mentoring our new hires, so I’d like to keep on climbing, staying in a leadership position. One of the best things about my job is that I am able to provide a service that people need- its meaningful and helpful, connecting companies with all kinds of cultures. I know I want to be selling a meaningful product or service, like I am doing here but on a larger scale.

After asking a Lauren a bunch of long-form questions, I wanted to see what a few of her favorites were:


Food: Ice Cream

Movie: I don’t have a favorite; I really enjoy so many movies- especially dramas.

Sports team:  Bruins

Outdoor activity: Kayaking, I don’t really get to do it that much but I love it.

Pickup line: What’s your sign?

Way to de-stress: I love to bake when I am stressed.

Animal: German Shepard

Movie line: “You had me at hello”

Place to eat: Any Irish pub!

(Adult) Beverage: Sauvignon Blanc and/or a Gin & Tonic.