Hidden Cost of In-House Translation



In- house translation is often viewed as a quick, easy, and inexpensive fix for translation projects. Although there are no direct costs associated with in-house translation, there are limitations that stem from such practices. These limitations equate to the monetary cost of actually paying for a translation service with an excellent track record.

The biggest limitation that you will encounter with in-house translation is capacity; there is only so much translation one person can handle on top of carrying out the responsibilities of the actual position they were hired for. The translation will be mediocre and, due to their global proximity, could lack cultural effectiveness regarding specific regional or social groups.

The issues associated with in-house translation can easily be corrected with Lionbridge onDemand, one of Forbes most trustworthy companies of 2015.

Lionbridge onDemand offers a flat-rate pricing structure for all of your translation projects. Based on each service type the pricing is consistent, fixed, and fully transparent. Flat-rate pricing makes budgeting and pricing easier for global and multilingual companies. OnDemand provides a centralized approach to teams that are charged with managing translation spend: through the onDemand portal. 

The onDemand portal provides teams with user controls including user access and authorization. It also allows for project spend tracking enabling companies to meet business stakeholders needs regarding turnaround speed, diverse content types, ease of use, and various payment methods.

Instead of relying upon your employees for their multilingual skills, let them get back to their day-to-day jobs and responsibilities. Instead, invest in utilizing the talents of a Language Service Provider. The translation process is made easy with Lionbridge onDemand and allows for global and multilingual companies to maximize the effectiveness of their global communication strategies. Take a look at the list below to see some of the translation services offered by onDemand.

  1. Document translation
  2. App localization
  3. Multimedia services
  4. Desktop publishing
  5. Web & email translation
  6. Testing services

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