Challenges with In-House Translation

Growing your company on a global scale is both a fun challenge and an exciting opportunity. Effective translation is the key to overcoming global challenges and is a determinant of how successful your products and services will be in capturing and retaining market share globally. It is important to understand your specific target and the dialect they speak to improve brand consistency and collaboration across countries.


Global companies may be walking, or even running, to their demise when they make the decision to use in-house translators. That is, using the one random person in the marketing department who speaks Cantonese, a dialect of the Chinese language, to translate your content for the entirety of the Chinese marketplace.

Why might this be problematic? 

Dialects within the Chinese language are vast. Native Cantonese speakers only make up a small portion of the Chinese population. Sure, that one person may be an excellent speaker in the dialect native to their home country, but the real question is — can they effectively translate information for a particular region or social group outside of their own? Do you want to trust your Chinese growth capability with one person who will do the translations as a favor?

Another obstacle that will arise by the strict utilization of in-house translators is capacity limitation. This one person will not be able to translate all necessary material and meet their deadlines for the position for which they were hired. In order to streamline the process of translation for the right target and dialect, and hit your globalization deadlines, a Language Service Provider (LSP) is necessary.

Translating website content, marketing collateral or even basic business documents does not have to be challenging. The key is to cohesively align content with the target and make a cultural connection by using correct translations and appropriate imaging.

The use of a Language Service Provider that understands localization will enable you to really connect with your global customers and create lasting beneficial relationships.

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