Lion In The Limelight: Intern

Posted by Allison Gillespie

Lion In The Limelight: Content Intern, Michela Ferullo

By now, you’re probably aware of just how creative and productive our team of Content Interns is. Today, we’d like to introduce our integral third Content Intern, Michela Ferullo. Michela is a fellow life-long Bostonian with a passion for marketing and a flair for cooking. This week, I spent a few minutes with Michela to learn more about why she chose Lionbridge onDemand and where she sees herself after graduating from college.


As a soon-to-be senior at the University of Maine, Orono, Michela has found a true passion within her major of Marketing. It is in the field of marketing where Michela gets to put her quick-thinking creativity to good use- which is a big part of the reason behind selecting Lionbridge for her summer internship. She was immediately interested in what the position had to offer: the ability to create content which would gain client exposure. Another reason? The international presence and mission of Lionbridge. Michela wanted to immerse herself in a business where she’d gain exposure to international cultures and business practices while aiding in the providing of an invaluable service. “Language shouldn’t be a barrier to success.”

After school, Michela would like to combine a few of her many loves: food, photography, healthy living, and of course marketing. She is an incredible cook (that’s her baked eggplant!) with a passion for making

her meals not just delicious, but healthy too. Finding a niche within the world of marketing for either the restaurant industry or breaking ground with her own healthy-living brand, would bring ultimate happiness to our Content Intern, Michela.

We are so happy to have Michela on-board this summer! Keep an eye on our Facebook page to see more of Michela’s writing and design talent.