4 Benefits of a Language Service Provider

Language Service Provider (LSP): a company that provides language services through in-house and/or freelance translators and interpreters.

Making the decision to use the services of a LSP can be daunting, especially if your company is new to translation and localization. The utilization of a LSP is a surefire way to ramp up your company’s global initiatives and reach a large audience.

Investing in the service of an LSP provides the following benefits:

1. Free up your in-house translators– Handing off your translation projects to an LSP allows your employees to pay full attention to their everyday responsibilities. By centralizing your translations with an LSP, all translations will be in the same tone and voice, instead of containing the particular nuances of each internal translator.

2. LSPs localize– This means the tone and context of your translated content is created with cultural implications in mind. Different cultures interpret messaging in different ways. It is important to know that LSPs use native speakers who are experts in understanding how your company message will be interpreted by your target audience. Localization ensures your message will not cause any unpleasant feedback from potential customers and will in turn garner respect from your audience.

3. Standardized Workflows– The workflows that LSPs utilize ensure that translation projects will be done correctly and on time, the first time. LSPs employ specialized and qualified human translators that your company can trust to successfully complete each project on time and to the highest degree of quality.

4. Brand Consistency- LSPs utilize linguistic teams and assets that ensure projects are consistent from project to project. Professional linguists in your specialized filed (legal, marketing, etc.) leverage linguistic assets, such as style guides, glossaries, and terminology databases to make sure your company’s target audience is viewing consistent product messaging across languages to eliminate confusion and present a unified brand message.

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