Optimizing Localization in the Gaming Industry

Posted by Bill Creed

The gaming industry has had a global impact on the world of entertainment.

To keep up with ever-growing demands for new gaming experiences, a gaming company needs to not only deliver products and content as fast and furiously as the game play itself, but also to set those products up for success on a global scale. However, doing so is no easy task. One needs to consider things like cultural implications, perception, and cultural sympathies.

For example, when the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” video game hit Europe, many countries required the name to be changed to Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. This is because the word “ninja” has more violent, serious undertones in Europe than it does in America—to the extent where it was deemed inappropriate for a video game marketed towards children. A miscalculation like the one TNMT experienced could cause serious trouble for less established brands, and it’s also a mistake that could have been avoided with proper brand localization.

Lionbridge Game Services brings years of experience and reliable expertise while helping companies deliver high quality video games on multiple platforms all over the world.

The growth of mobile, console, PC, and tablet devices along with bandwidth have fueled a worldwide gaming explosion. Game development is only increasing in complexity, requirements for cross-platform compatibility, and user expectations.

Whether a video game currently in production or already on the market, we provide bundled game services at scale, making Lionbridge a one-stop-shop for all gaming services.

For games in production we provide:

  • Expert functional and localization testing for games across platforms, devices, and languages
  • Experience and expertise delivering product and services for international markets, including translation, and geopolitical reviews of content, and end-to-end voiceover and audio production in just about any language
  • Compatibility testing to ensure your title works on all the devices and systems you’re required to support, and compliance testing so that you can release your localized game versions simultaneously on multiple platforms and devices in multiple languages
  • Help targeting KPIs with data-driven dashboards, testing intelligence, & analytics

For games in post-production we provide:

  • Marketing services—including international transcreation of ad copy and other marketing collateral—that enable you to work with one vendor to localize your multilingual campaigns while leveraging the largest network of in-market experts available
  • Advanced technologies such as GeoFluent for international tech support and in-game chat and Lionbridge onDemandfor rapid translation of content
  • And finally, community management and moderation to add value and encourage brand loyalty with localized forums and social media. We also provide closed or open beta support.

What exactly is “community management and moderation”?

Our community moderation teams are the folks who oversee the activity in online forums and social media settings. They engage with users via public posts (topics and comments) as well as private messaging with the end goal of increasing the loyalty and enjoyment of the users. Some of their main duties include policing (reporting and taking action against inappropriate content), engaging individual users in discussion, praising and calling out top users and acting as officially sanctioned thought leaders and subject matter experts within the community they are moderating.

Our community moderation teams also play a key role in passing along important and timely information about your game to your community. As each of us has experienced, in anonymous online settings, both positive and negative exchanges can occur. The Lionbridge community moderation team is there to guide the conversation and make order of the chaos – and they do so in multiple languages.

Lionbridge Game Services enable many of the world’s leading publishers to deliver quality game titles on multiple platforms, expand into new markets, and effectively engage gamers in locales worldwide. What can we do for you?