10 Advantages of Going onDemand

Lionbridge onDemand is a convenient online translation platform introduced in the summer of 2013. Since its inception, we’ve continued to take huge strides towards our main goal: enabling companies to manage business-critical global content and communications by simplifying and centralizing the processes involved with their translation and localization needs.

Despite being a new process, we still utilize Lionbridge’s industry-leading resources so that we’re able to provide unquestionable quality along with our signature streamlined workflow.

Here are 10 reasons to consider using Lionbridge onDemand for your next translation project.

1) Free Instant quotes

Take advantage of our instant quotes! Simply upload your project and complete steps 1 & 2. You will receive a personalized, all-encompassing quote instantly.

The translation rates apply to most target languages.

2) Expedited turnaround times

We recognize the need to adhere to time-related deadlines in order to keep up with competitors; that’s why we offer four separate turnaround times:

  • 3-5 day turnaround

  • 2 business day turnaround

  • Next business day turnaround

  • 12-hour turnaround  (for text files)

3) Our streamlined process does not require a project manager

The development of our streamlined, self-service process has allowed us to eliminate the need for a project manager. This process evolution allows clients to instantly realize a cost savings of anywhere from 5-15% on the final cost.

4) We use Lionbridge’s proven network of 25,000+ translators

Since its founding in 1996, Lionbridge has developed a vast network of qualified translators who vary in source and target languages as well as industry expertise. This means we’re able to assign your project a translator with proven linguistic ability in the desired locale and documented translation experience in your specific

5) We’re the only online portal available for project submission 24/7

We currently have 46 offices in 26 different countries across the globe, so we’re able to provide services regardless of your location and cultural office hours.

Do you have a question about your submission or the translation process? We also have agents available 24/7 to answer questions by phone, chat, or email. At any time of day or night, we've got you covered.

6) onDemand is a proven and trusted platform

We provide services through onDemand’s online platform to hundreds of clients. Many of them are Fortune 500 companies that require translation at the speed of business. In addition, Lionbridge was named to Forbes' list of America's 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in 2014. 

7) We provide a variety of services

Our portal can handle anything from simple text file translation to video voice-over performed in-studio by voice actors, and everything in between.

8) We support 60+ file types

Our current supported file types include:

  • txt
  • jpg
  • ppt
  • cxv
  • mp3
  • mp4
  • xxml
  • html
  • xliff
  • strings

So, whether you need to upload document/graphic, multimedia, web, or CMR files, we can support your file type.

9) We cover front-end needs of business stakeholders and back-end needs of shared services

With Lionbridge onDemand, companies get an easy-to-use website to submit their jobs with rapid turnaround times. Simultaneously, shared services can maintain control by having the ability to manage which users have access to projects (as well as who is allowed to spend against the PO). They can also enforce style guides and glossaries during the translation management process, as well as track all spend through the system.

10) Our platform is secure

Lionbridge onDemand uses industry-leading technology to ensure that all projects in the cloud remain secure. Lionbridge does not exchange person information over email and does not store credit card information. Additionally, all customer content is deleted after a 60-day retention period in order to maintain security.

Lionbridge onDemand offeres a wide range of services to high-profile clients. Our pricing, process, technologies, and customer care are all second to none. Come find out for yourself by visiting our newly updated website