Lionbridge onDemand Holiday Party

It’s that magical time of year again!

No, not winter. No, not time to shop for snow tires. Well… it is also those things, but that’s not what I was referencing.

It’s that time again for the Lionbridge onDemand holiday party!

Every year, VP of Online Sales, Aaron Hakenson, treats the Waltham onDemand sales and sales operations teams to a lovely dinner at L'Andana, an industrial-chic restaurant in Burlington, MA. The dinner is a chance for all onDemand sales verticals to mingle with management and sales operations outside of the workplace. 

           The ladies of Lionbridge onDemand.

           The ladies of Lionbridge onDemand.

The dinner was organized by Sales Operations Manager, Stephanie Carone, and onDemand Marketing Associate, Ashleigh Chretien. Both Stephanie and Ashleigh spent hours planning the event - budgeting the meal, selecting the appetizers and entrees, putting together a slideshow, and even constructing decorative wintry centerpieces! We are all very grateful for Stephanie and Ashleigh's time and effort.

This year, the dinner was especially well-deserved. Since 2014, onDemand sales has grown from 14 employees in one location (Waltham) to 35 employees in five locations. We've also had our first million dollar quarter! Quite the accomplishment.

So, on December 8th, all of us here at the main onDemand office donned our fanciest get-ups and converged on L'Andana for a three-course meal, conversation with colleagues, and a few celebratory toasts.

At the end of the dinner, Aaron presented awards in six categories pertaining to the previous year's performance. Would you like to know who walked away successful?

And the Winners Are...

(L to R) Online Sales Manager John Sholl, VP of Online Sales Aaron Hakeson, and Online Sales                       Manager Lauren Forest.

(L to R) Online Sales Manager John Sholl, VP of Online Sales Aaron Hakeson, and Online Sales                       Manager Lauren Forest.

The winners of the onDemand 2015 awards are as follows:

Rookie of the Year: Megan Hess

Most Improved: Bill Creed

Sales Operations Person of the Year: Ashleigh Chretien

Online Sales Rep of the Year: Bruce Adams

Online Sales Manager of the Year: TIE! Lauren Forest/John Sholl

MVP of the Year: Stephanie Carone

Are you a dedicated self-starter? Would you like to work for a fast-paced, competitive company? Most importantly... do you like to have fun with your colleagues and gain recognition for your hard work? If you do, then Lionbridge onDemand may be the place for you. We are currently hiring entry-level Online Sales Representatives. If you would like to learn more, visit us here!