Customer Testimonial: Cherwell Software

Q&A with Jason Haggar 

We sat down with Jason, Vice President, CMO at Cherwell Software to see how Lionbridge onDemand has been beneficial to them for website translation. 

Q: Tell us a little about your company and its global demands.

Cherwell Software is a young company, it’s growing extremely quickly in the space of IT service management.  We’ve had a lot of demand based on how well we’ve been viewed by the industry, including analysts like Gardener, Forester and IDC .  That demand exist both within North America, where obviously English is sort of the first language spoken, but it’s growing very very quickly outside North America, the United States, and the UK.

Q: Why did you decide to look into translation services?

We knew that we wanted to be in multiple languages.  And after that evaluation, we then realized we needed a tool that would help us to be in many languages and do so in an efficient way.

Q: Why did you choose Lionbridge?

We chose Lionbridge due to its low overhead, easy implementation, and low maintenance.  Cherwell is a growing software company, and we really wanted to be able to put our resources into management and customer satisfaction.  Putting our resources into doing website translations just wasn’t how I wanted to spend our money or our focus.

Q: What are your goals?

We wanted to get up and running quickly and with low overhead on our staff.  Our goals are really customer satisfaction and growing our business.  Being able to spend very little time and get up and running quickly, using Lionbridge was a great importance to us. 

Q: What do you think of working with Lionbridge so far?

The Lionbridge team is experts at international translation and international websites.  We really look at them as a great business partner, helping us fulfill our goal and our quick growth around the world.

Q: What projects have you used Lionbridge for?

We recently overhauled and redesigned our entire website.  Having a global site with true language translation was one of our goals. The Lionbridge implementation was probably the easiest part of doing a significant site change.

Q: What were the easiest and most challenging parts of the translation process?

The easiest part of the website overhaul was using the translation proxy technology from Lionbridge. On boarding was easy.  We did have to learn some general procedures and policies and determine how Lionbridge would work with our website infrastructure.  Once that was done, getting the translations up and running were really just a matter of time and deciding what languages we wanted to translate the site into.

Q: How have your customers responded to this change?

Our international prospects and clients really appreciate the fact that we’re doing business in their native language.  And it really shows, on the Cherwell side, that we support and understand their business needs.  It’s enabled us to continue to grow our business, in the double digits, in our international and global geographies, translation service to help us gain international customers in other locations.

Q: Overall, what are your thoughts about Lionbridge?

We took a look at Lionbridge and it was really the best solution for our needs.  It was easy administration, low overhead, and quick implementation.


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