Lion in the Limelight: Lindsay Geoffroy

In this edition of Lion in the Limelight I caught up with Lindsay, who is our Sales Operations Coordinator on the onDemand team! Since starting here she has been quite busy with  blogging, writing proposals, and creating marketing content, just to name a few. Read how this English major made her way to the onDemand team! 

School: UMass Lowell

Major: English – Writing

Minor: History

Top Team (Sport): Red Sox

Pickup Line: “Just like a broken pencil, life without you would be pointless.”

How to de-stress: Napping or watching cartoons

Favorite Quote: “Sixty percent of the time it works – every time.”



AC: Tell us about your role and position at Lionbridge onDemand?

LG: I am the Sales Operations Coordinator, which basically means that I write all day. I construct proposals (RFPs, RFIs, RFQs) and help with marketing content as well as a good amount of blogging (plug for the onDemand blog – check it out).

AC: What about Lionbridge onDemand made you want to work here in the first place?

LG: Previously, I had worked in finance for about 5-ish years, and although finance is interesting, it’s not where my heart is. I love writing. So when I was contacted by Hayleigh (shout-out!) about a role where I could actually use my degree, I was super pumped. Plus, the whole office is orange, which is my favorite color, so bonus points there.

AC: What is your proudest/ favorite memory at Lionbridge onDemand?

LG: I have only been here a short time, but I guess my proudest moment would be when I finished my first proposal and realized that I did a better job than I thought I did.

AC: Before working at Lionbridge, what other jobs did you have?

LG: Before Lionbridge, I worked for a few years (in high school) at a packing and shipping store, sort of like UPS, but not. So I know how to tape up boxes. Then I was a bank teller at DCU all through college, followed by short stints in project coordination and working with retirement accounts at Fidelity. Most recently I had gone back to DCU to work in the back office, and that was a lot of fun, but again – not where my heart was.

AC: What are your long-term career goals and aspirations?

LG: It may surprise people, but my ultimate goal is to end up in a management role. I do have some management and mentoring experience from a few of my roles, but I’d really like to expand upon that. I like being in charge and feeling useful and important! 

AC: What’s your claim to fame? Or Fun fact about yourself:

LG: Although I drive like a demon, I’ve actually never gotten a ticket. Knock on wood.

Rapid Fire Questions

Siblings (or children): I have two younger brothers – Tom, who is a firefighter, and Steve, who is in college studying (hopefully) to be in the FBI, and who has a large beard.

Animal: I love all animals… but I am known for my affinity for cats

Condiment: Ketchup

Favorite place to eat: Any place with good pizza

Adult beverage: I don’t drink :o

Movie: The Princess Bride

Celebrity Crush: Chris Pratt

Food: Mashed potatoes

Kitchen Appliance: Microwave to cook all my food, or else I’d be dead

Music: Ska, especially The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Color: Orange