Global Testing for the Common Man

Our “Common Man” blog series is committed to bringing you the most easy-to-digest information on translation industry topics and technologies. Previously, we addressed CMS platforms, API, connectors, proxy solutions, SEO marketing, crowdsourcing, and GeoFluent. Whew… did you catch all that?

This week, we will take some time to go over the basics of global testing. What is global testing? How does it fit into the translation industry? What kind of testing services does Lionbridge offer?

Let’s find out!

What is Global Testing?

Global testing is very easy to define because it really is the sum of its name. Global testing is the testing of a product, including localization testing, to ensure that it meets quality and brand consistency standards, no matter the language.

Localization testing is of the utmost importance when developing or launching a new product, whether it be a hip new mobile app like Flappy Bird or a translation of your website into a dozen languages. Localization testing ensures that there are no spelling and grammar mistakes in your product. More importantly, the testing certifies that the product makes sense culturally once released into the general population.

Because Japanese culture is different from, say, Swedish culture, a website launched into Japan should look and feel markedly different than the Swedish site. Certain idioms may be popular in one culture and offend another culture. In short, localization testing ensures that all material is suitable for the intended audience.

Of course, not all global testing is localization testing. Lionbridge provides testing services for several products across several platforms, including:

  • Game Testing. As we’ve previously seen, video game testing is extremely important in ensuring that the game is properly translated and localized before allowing the gaming community to view it.

  • Web & Mobile Application Testing. Make certain your translated websites and apps are properly  localized for each region in which they are debuting. Otherwise, you could end up with some embarrassment on your hands.

  • Performance Testing. Ensure your system is free of outages, bugs, and glitches. These issues can drive away users!

  • Crowdsourced Testing. Remember when we learned about crowdsourcing? Lionbridge has over 140,000 crowd workers in over 100 countries available for localization testing across markets.

Why Use Global Testing?

We don’t have to spend all day explaining why testing a product before its release is a good idea. Regardless of the type of product, type of testing, release date, or budget, it’s safe to say that releasing a buggy or un-localized, potentially offensive or embarrassing product can have costly repercussions. Better to nip that situation in the bud and invest in some pre-release testing!

Global testing is an integral part of any production cycle. To learn more about Lionbridge’s unmatched testing services, or to schedule a meeting with one of our representatives, visit our new website.  


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