GeoFluent for the Common Man

Our “Common Man” blog series is committed to bringing you the most easy-to-digest information on translation industry topics and technologies. Previously, we addressed CMS platforms, API, connectors, proxy solutions, SEO marketing, and crowdsourcing. And the list grows and grows.

This week, we will take a look at one of Lionbridge’s own products, GeoFluent. This product is at the forefront of translation industry technologies, so it’s worth your time to learn about its ins and outs.

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What is GeoFluent?

Recently, we published a post about the prevalence of globalized business and how it necessitates instant communication, sometimes across language barriers. GeoFluent is a product which helps to facilitate this type of communication.

GeoFluent is a second-generation real-time translation solution created specifically for contact centers and BPOs. It is a software as a service product (SaaS) that provides the real-time translation quality that customers have come to need and expect.

GeoFluent functions on simple principles and is very easy to use, allowing it to operate across numerous channels. These channels include:

  • Video
  • Voice
  • Website
  • Forum
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Chat
  • Mobile (SMS)

GeoFluent's Omni-Channel capabilities allow brands to engage in a customer's preferred language (for instance, Spanish) and channel (for instance, chat).

And there you have it – immediate communication across linguistic borders.

Why Use GeoFluent?

GeoFluent is a product with numerous benefits for past-paced businesses, big or small. These benefits include:

  • Enables multilingual communication across channels
  • Integrates with leading contact center communications platforms
  • Lower costs
  • Delivers the highest levels of language quality

To learn more about the GeoFluent service, or to schedule a meeting with one of our representatives, check out this blog post from Lionbridge's own Tom Tseki.