Lion in the Limelight: John Towers

Welcome back to the next addition to our Lion in the Limelight series! Today we’re spotlighting one of our talented Junior Sales Reps, John Towers. Originally hailing from Saratoga Springs, NY,  John has found his new home just minutes away from our office in Waltham at Bentley University. Not only is he an avid student majoring in Economics AND Finance with a minor in the History of Warfare, he has been interning for the onDemand team since August of 2014!

Favorite Language: English

Current Binge: Game of Thrones!

Favorite Quote:  “Great moments… are born form great opportunity” –Herb Brooks

Favorite Sports Team:  New York Mets

Fun Fact: I’m Canadian! (and the 5th longest tenured person with onDemand)

AC: What interested you in an internship at Lionbridge?  

JT: Aaron actually reached out to me the first time (back in August of 2014) and I was interested in getting some professional experience so I jumped at the opportunity!  I really enjoyed the work environment and decided to come back in the spring. Lionbridge is a perfect work balance to go along with school, and everyone is personable and easy to get along with.  At this point, I’ve done it all with onDemand!  I had a great overall experience my sophomore year and figured I’d try and come back again this fall.  For some reason… they keep hiring me!

AC: What do you like to do outside work/school?

JT: I’m a huge sports fan!  I love watching my favorite teams and staying up to date with what’s happening in the sports world.  At Bentley I started an initiative to get a hockey rink built on campus.  Our team is D-1 but plays in a rink that isn’t fit for youth hockey, let alone NCAA D-1 hockey. So my roommates and I spearheaded a movement to change that.  Now, two years later, after countless meetings, phone calls, tweets and petitions, they’re building a rink on campus….. set to open up the semester after I graduate!

AC: What would you like to do after college? Any post grad plans?

JT: I think I’d like to find a job in finance in a big city (New York or Washington DC preferably).  Enjoy my time in the city, and ultimately find my way back to good ol’ Saratoga Springs, NY to waste my days away playing golf and watching horses run around in circles.  Maybe I’ll become mayor of Saratoga?  Who knows!