12 Hours With onDemand PART DEUX

A few weeks ago, we published a blog about some of the interesting things that can be accomplished in 12 hours. For our part, Lionbridge onDemand has a revolutionary 12-hour turnaround time for text document translation which allows us to quickly manage, translate, and deliver important materials. All in half a day!

Yes, you read that correctly. You can submit a project for translation when you get up in the morning and have it ready for you before your head hits the pillow that night. Need important presentation notes for that client meeting tomorrow? You got it. Want last year’s fiscal report in three different languages by sundown? Voila. That is the magic of the onDemand portal.

onDemand is a relatively new venture, and it takes a lot of time and work to make it run without a hitch. A lot of what makes the translation process run so smoothly is the dedication of our onDemand sales team – including reps and managers.

So, as a 12-hour text project was submitted for translation, we decided to spend that same 12 hours shadowing one of onDemand’s most tenured employees: Online Sales Manager Lauren Forest.

We started with some questions for her to get an idea of what her workload is, and how “crazy” her days typically are.

Q: How many sales representatives do you manage?

LF: Between 3 and 6 reps typically, but our hope is to have each manager have a complete team of 10 reporting to them.

onDemand is growing at an increasingly rapid pace – and that is due to demand. Although right now there are only about 20 sales reps at the Waltham, MA location, it is projected that there will be over 60 by summer 2016!

Q: What are your main responsibilities as a manager?

LF: My responsibilities include managing my own legacy accounts, onboarding new business, expanding current relationships, making sure my reps are meeting/exceeding their metrics, training reps, answering their questions, helping them close business, deal with any operational issues that may arise, sit in on client calls or in-person visits with my reps, assist Sales VP Aaron with any communications that need to go out to the team, manage interns, approving paid time and expense reports, data reporting, forecasting for myself and my team number, terminations, interviewing/hiring process. Typically I take the leadership role and act as the voice of our customers and reps while working with our tech/development team to create new service offerings and address issues, and I stand in for Aaron on making any decisions while he is traveling or out of the office.

Whoa. That’s a lot of job duties. How does all of that to fit on a résumé?

So now that we have a good idea just how much Lauren has to balance every day at work, let’s see exactly how she does it.

8am-12pm EST: Lauren typically arrives at work around 8am and dives right in – checking with her team to see if they need anything before the start of the day.

Much of Lauren’s mornings are spent communicating with people in different time zones. She speaks with the Warsaw sales and operations teams (before they leave for the end of their work day) and responds to questions from clients on the west coast.

On Mondays she helps to run the weekly sales meetings, wherein all the reps and managers from all current locations (Waltham, Warsaw, and Mumbai) talk about their past week’s sales and their forecasting for the month and quarter.

For those who don’t know, “forecasting” is a month-by-month expectation of what level of sales you expect to achieve. It is crucial that managers recognize patters and opportunities in the sales world in order to estimate how much revenue will be coming in and when it will be coming in. Hey, maybe that statistics class you took in college really can be of some use.

12pm EST: Noon is lunch time around these parts. Lunch is a time to relax, refuel, and maybe chat with coworkers and management to get a feel for how the day is going so far. Sometimes there is even some talk of Fantasy Football.

Lauren also takes some time midday to answer questions from clients and her reps, just to make sure that everyone is on the same page for the second half of the work day.

1pm-5pm EST: Afternoons are a mixed bag of busyness for Lauren.  She usually runs 1:1 meetings with each of her reps to check on their progress and answer any remaining questions they may have. The rest of the afternoon may or may not be spent in meetings.

Lauren has anywhere from 2-3 client meetings a week, but that number can increase given an influx of new business. In addition, there are normally 4-7 internal business meetings a week which Lauren must attend. This, coupled with increasingly frequent interviews (remember – have to fill all of those open sales positions!), makes for some packed afternoons.

5pm-8pm EST: According to Lauren:

I used to work for a number of hours when I got home to catch up on everything, prospecting, and to help my west coast customers. Now, I have gotten good at managing my time better at work so I can get most things done, after hours are spent with my west coast customers or answering operational emails from our after-hours crew in Mumbai.

So – after catching up on some emails with clients and coworkers, it’s time to conclude another exciting and productive day at Lionbridge onDemand. And by the time Lauren has wrapped up her hectic 12-hour day, the 12-hour text document translation has been completed and delivered through the portal!

Well, I don’t know about you, but that is one busy work day. And I, for one, am glad that dedicated sales managers like Lauren are around to help onDemand operate seamlessly and build a solid client base. If you would like to learn more about our great salespeople like Lauren, visit our innovative, one-of-a-kind portal here.