The Case for Website Localization

If you run a business with a digital presence, one of the most worthwhile investments you must make is the creation of multilingual versions of your website. By making web content and messages available across a wide variety of languages, a global reach will be extended to those who could not previously understand or identify with your brand and content.

72% of internet users are not native English speakers

Only 20% of non-native English speakers are comfortable with English-only website access and customer support

Features of a Multilingual Website

  1. A multilingual website with keywords available in languages other than English expands online visibility
  2. A multilingual website with culturally-sensitive content and messages strengthens global brand image
  3. A multilingual website will close in on the 72% of internet users who are not native English speakers therefore intensifying global accessibility
  4. A multilingual website is a cost-effective marketing tool

Benefits of a Multilingual Website

  1. Expanding online visibility means opening communication with a wider international audience which in turn drives increased returns on multilingual search queries for your business
  2. Strengthening global brand image is achieved by appealing to a greater market of customers in their own language so your messages do not get “Lost in Translation;” a multilingual website ensures your brand is delivered in the correct context while avoiding costly misinterpretations
  3. Intensified global accessibility is a competitive advantage for your business; generating content and messages that non-native or non-English speakers can understand over your competition builds trust- a necessity to securing valuable loyal lifetime customers
  4. Investing in multilingual website translation is a cost-effective option for your business; an impressive return on investment is available to be harnessed from a loyal, lifetime customer who is less costly to acquire than a one-time customer

The world is becoming smaller. A phrase we hear a great deal, but there is truth to it. In order to compete in today's noisy and crowded international markets, you need to change the way you communicate with the world. 

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