Why Choose Lionbridge onDemand for Your Legal Translation Needs

Legal translation is serious business.

Lionbridge onDemand understands your organization’s legal needs. That is why we offer a multitude of professional services that provide high-quality translation for even the most complex legal files. Our value proposition is simple: professional legal translation, streamlined and made simple.

How We Deliver Professional Legal Document Translation

Lionbridge onDemand understand the seriousness of translating your organization’s

  • Legal files
  • Certified legal files
  • Legal scanned documents and
  • Legal multimedia

Lionbridge onDemand also understands the level of trust necessary to make you and the stakeholders of your firm comfortable with “passing the torch” of legal translation off to a Language Service Provider (LSP).

You can trust our specialized legal translators to handle your complicated legal files. Our human translators are located in-country, and are native speakers of the target language and fluent in the source language. Translations are not done word-for-word, but rather they are understood and translated contextually through a valuable technique called localization. Moreover, our legal translation team is specialized with demonstrated expertise in the legal field and 3+ years of industry experience. Additionally, specific legal translations, such as the translation of patents and contracts, are performed by translators that have experience with these projects.

Our Streamlined, Simple Process Applied to Your Legal Translation Needs

Legal translation services offered at the click of a button. Our process is trustworthy yet simple:

  1. Upload your legal content to be translated via Lionbridge onDemand portal
  2. Choose the source and the target language of your project
  3. Receive a quote from Lionbridge onDemand comprehensive of all costs related to your project and review your order
  4. Complete the project and expect an impressive project turnaround

At Lionbridge onDemand, we understand that translating your organization’s legal materials is serious business- our professional legal translation services take quality, trust, and ease of use just as seriously.

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