Why Choose a Language Service Provider Over Internal Resources?

One of the biggest opportunities and challenges for your growing business is going global. A global presence can be an asset to your business if you have the required capabilities and knowledge to make the seamless transition from a local market to a global market.

Going global seems like an intuitive next step for any business focused on growth. The often blinding allure of going global is the ability to reach a larger market; a much larger market. However, the ability to reach this larger market must be seen as the end result of successfully designing and implementing a global strategy.

The first step to implementing a global strategy is ensuring that the global market you are targeting will be able to understand and identify with your vision, mission, and subsequent brand messaging and content. This means that before going global, your products, documents, advertisements, websites, and any other content pertinent to your business must be translated. Your new global target market is statistically twice as likely to complete a business transaction if they are being reached by their native language.

A free online translation tool seems like the obvious answer, right? Unfortunately, online translation tools do not provide the brainpower of a human translator and a language service provider (LSP). When entering the world of free online translation, your business could be sacrificing quality for cost. Word-for-word translations done by a machine are not “smart,” they cannot evaluate the context, cultural implications, and audience perception of message being translated into a foreign language. The input is converted into an output with no value added.

“Fine, we will just have Andy from IT translate our content. He knows Spanish, he will get the job done.”

Using in-house resources may also seem like a quick and virtually free fix, but suddenly Andy has to install new software on all the office computers. Your business’ efforts and plan to go global just took a back seat and your translation project has come to a screeching halt.

Who will translate your content and assist your business in reaching a new global market? We mentioned the term Language Service Provider (LSP) and they are the answer to your translation needs.

So here’s the breakdown on why your business should invest in an LSP over other resources:

  • Passing off your translation needs to a LSP will not strain internal resources who have other responsibilities
  • Trusting translation projects with a LSP ensures work is done correctly the first time by professional human translators who are highly qualified and specialized
  • Furthermore, choosing a LSP guarantees work is done consistently by utilizing same resources
  • Professional translators are equipped with the latest linguistic tools (Translation Memory, Glossaries, and Style Guides) which allows for optimized project efficiency and quality

Above all, LSPs also localize. This means that a professional LSP makes sure content is the correct tone and context and takes into account relevant cultural implications. Localization is best performed by native speakers who understand how messages can be interpreted by the target audience. Failing to value localization when meeting your business’ translation needs can be costly if your target market is misinterpreting messages as confusing, inappropriate, or downright offensive.

In the end, choosing an LSP to help your business achieve global market presence will ensure quality, appropriately communicate your brand message and content, and save time and money by not detracting from internal resources.