Simplify Your Website Translation

Why is Multilingual Website Management So Hard?

This traditional translation is extremely time consuming and often experiences failures.

  1. Identify modifications in the source language
  2. Determine if content should be translated
  3. Export the source content
  4. Manage content strings via a portal to translation company
  5. Translation company sends changes back through interface
  6. Content is entered into WCM on a staging server
  7. Translated content is reviewed
  8. Repeat process as needed

Our Solution

Translation Proxy by Lionbridge onDemand makes managing a multilingual website painless and timely through its cloud based technology. Translation Proxy allows you to translate content as it is presented on your website. You can translate your site rapidly and view all translations in-context to ensure your website looks and reads exactly as intended.

Translation Proxy technology gives you rapid website deployment while reducing cost. It also supports as many languages as you need for your product. Translation Proxy simplifies the process from 8 steps to 3 with the same quality translation and shorter time.

The Process is Simple

  1. Translation Proxy auto-detects changes in the source content and routes for translation
  2. Translators are automatically notified and translate leveraging linguistic assets
  3. Reviewers see the translation directly on the web page and update it with the push of a button, changes are incorporated back into translation memories

Check out Translation Proxy Solution Brief here!