Let Your Global Brand Voice Shine

Think about your brand.

It doesn’t have a physical shape or a size, it doesn’t appear on your balance sheet, and you can’t take a photograph of it. Your brand is intangible. So how in the world does one go about conveying your brand across multiple languages? Defining a brand voice and implementing that voice into your multilingual content is the answer.

Your brand can be one of the greatest intangible assets to your company. Brand image is carefully built over time, hard to imitate, and can provide your firm with a sustainable competitive advantage like none other. It is safe to say brand communication lays a lot on the line.

Transitioning from sharing your brand with your established target audience to sharing with global prospects can pose some challenges to the integrity and essence of your brand. The focus is to avoid letting your brand get lost in translation.

global brand voice

Installing a Global Brand Voice to your firm’s global translation initiatives is a valuable investment.

The Lionbridge onDemand Global Brand Voice process builds in quality from the beginning, measuring it against defined operational standards and powering the entire translation process with dynamically updated translation assets based on leading-edge translation technologies. 

Global Brand Voice is built upon the following core pillars:

1) Quality should be built in from the beginning

2) Measuring quality requires an operational standard

3) Achieving quality requires dynamic linguistic assets

4) Stop struggling with the in-country translation review process

Global Brand Voice improves the overall quality of translations to match your company’s specific style, formality or informality of language, word preferences, product names, and ultimately create a more authentic impact when moving into global markets.

So how does the Lionbridge onDemand team approach implementing a Global Brand Voice as part of our translation services?

Building global consistency into your brand starts with unifying the parties involved with the communication of your brand. Lionbridge will facilitate a virtual commitment session, bringing together corporate translation owners, in-country reviewers, and language service providers to participate in the development of the change process. Developing and agreeing to standards, definitions, and levels of quality before work begins sets expectations and ensures fewer disagreements over project details.

Brand messaging is all about consistency. Style guides, glossaries and translation memories are effective tools to ensure consistent translation of your key messaging points. Collecting and making your brand messaging elements available via leading edge translation technologies will both keep translators on script and prevent delays during the review process. Once developed, Lionbridge Linguists will walk through the linguistic assets for each language with the designated reviewers to explain their use, go over the existing content and capture feedback for improvement. 

Global Brand Voice not only improves the quality of translations, but helps trim down the review process cycle for your reviewers. This is done by minimizing the amount of changes requested to the initial translation on dimensions of fit to your company’s brand. On that note, designated reviewers 99% of the time have other jobs. These are marketing professionals, sales people, customer support folks, etc. They do not want to expend valuable time helping out their US colleagues by reviewing translations all day; they want to focus on their actual job functions. Global Brand Voice works to cut down on the amount of review needed for you, your reviewers, and for us. 

We believe in letting your brand truly shine. We believe in a firm commitment to the prevention of letting your brand “get lost in translation.” With our Global Brand Voice service, we preserve the essence of your brand.

Translating your brand, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. Let Lionbridge onDemand do the heavy lifting.


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