I Want It Now: Global Business and the Need for Instant Translation

In today’s fast-paced, get-it-done-yesterday world, the value of instant communication has skyrocketed. Between text messaging, email, video chat, and instant messaging, it is now possible for people around the globe to connect with each other instantly in real time, making global business communication more easily facilitated. A vendor in America can give updates to a client in Japan, or vice versa. But what happens when there is a language barrier between participants?

Clearly, the availability of real-time communication between global partners does little good if neither one understands the other. This is where instant translation services really shine.


With the advent of cell phones, internet, and cloud-based solutions, it has never been more important for people to stay in contact with both coworkers and business partners. Information is spread through countless platforms, including:

-Instant Chat Messaging



Instant, real-time translation allows for individuals across land and language borders to effectively communicate in a manner that cuts down on waiting time. If a client is looking for answers and wants to speak directly to their account manager, they should be able to do so in a real-time manner, despite dialect differences. This can also strengthen business bonds as it allows for questions or concerns to be addressed expediently. In addition, if something is “lost in translation,” one party can instantly ask for clarification from the other.


Business has gone global, and communication has gone with it. With products such as Lionbridge's GeoFluent, real-time multilingual translation of instant chat, text, and forum correspondence is made not only possible, but also simple and affordable. Click here to see how Lionbridge’s services can help you today.