5 Things to Remember When Writing Global Emails

Not only is it important to ensure your brand message is localized in alignment within your marketing campaigns, but ensuring your brand message is clear within daily emails is just as important. Whether it is a mass customer email for new business or related to a specific nurture campaign, there are several things to consider when writing global emails.

Email marketing is important as a direct way to build relationships with new customers. Emails are also action-oriented and allow you to see quantifiable results of your email message.

At least 91% of consumers check their email every single day. In addition, personalized greetings have a 6X higher transaction rate and 41% higher click rate than non-personalized emails.

Email marketing is a leading communication channel. It is quickly becoming a necessity that your email marketing is available for all languages and audiences to connect with. One must remember though that not everything translates the same way and often different cultures perceive text differently. It is important to create worldwide brand consistency and well as ensure quality in the message.

Here are some helpful tips when writing emails for global release:

  1. Formatting
    1. Stay neutral in terms of colors, designs, and fonts
  2. Language and Wording
    1. Avoid informal language
    2. Avoid slang and euphemisms
    3. Be wary of gender specific language when translating
  3. Greetings
    1. Set the tone for the entire email
    2. Remember, a greeting is the first thing a person reads
    3. Be mindful of the level of formality, gender, and personal titles
  4. Responsive Design
    1. Make the email attractive and readable on all devices
    2. Add pictures and other interactive links
    3. Create an easy-to-read design
  5. Translation, Localization, and Transcreation
    1. Add Click Here or Please Wait Buttons
    2. Format all aspects of text correctly
    3. Translate unsubscribe page or subscription centers