Lionbridge onDemand Customer Testimonial: Qlik

Q&A with Jasbir Gill 

We sat down with Jasbir Gill, Market Relationship Manager at Qlik, to learn how their partnership with Lionbridge onDemand has been beneficial.

Q: Tell us a little about Qlik and its use of the onDemand portal.

So Qlik is all about visual analytics that go the distance. We are a leader in visual analytics. We have a platform-based approach which is very simple to use and is fully integrated. Since we have started using Lionbridge, we have gained a lot because we have one price for all our resources, we have a portal where all our members can access it, and it certainly helps a lot in saving time. It’s a quick turnaround of our resources.

Q: How have our instant quotes been beneficial to you?

The instant quotes have been really helpful; it helps me a lot in understanding how much this project is going to cost me. Let’s say I have a resource that I need to get translated in eight languages – I don’t have to wait for Lionbridge to send me a quote. The instant quote tells me right away how many words are there in this white paper, or how many pages there are in this PDF, and how much it’s going to cost me. That’s why a flat price is very helpful. Within a matter of seconds I can know how much this project is going to cost me, and that saves a lot in time.

Q: What are your favorite aspects of the Lionbridge onDemand Portal?

The experience with the onDemand portal has been amazing. It allows all our members to access all our resources. At any given time I can see where my resources are, how far they are into translation. It tells me when I’m going to be getting my resources back; it tells me how many resources I have submitted. So it’s been very, very helpful working with the onDemand portal.

Q: What were your perceptions of working with an LSP before Lionbridge?

So my own perceptions were very different. I was under the impression that it’s a very, very manual process where I’ll be emailing them a lot of resources and I’ll be getting a lot of emails back. But it has helped a lot in having this onDemand portal, where I just with a click of a button am able to upload my resources, they get it and I get an email back, I have a project ID. It helps me in tracking my resources, and even when I’m getting stuff back I know which projects are incomplete, how far they are tagging along. So it’s been an amazing experience, and certainly a great learning experience for me as well.

Q: Can you describe the process of onboarding other Qlik members on the use of the portal?

In terms of onboarding other members, because the Lionbridge portal is so easy to use, I don’t need to train them, I don’t need to tell them. Usually a quick 5-10 minute webinar is easy for them to understand how to upload, how to start getting projects back. So it’s a very, very simple very, very easy onboarding process.

Because everything is so fast and so easy, we’re not only saving time, but we’re also saving our resources from just the translation process. Imagine if someone had to wait hours to get a quote, somebody had to go back again in a review process, and it took time. Because we are saving time, that means our resources are now freed up to do other things and not just spend their time on translation.

Q: How have your interactions with an account manager been?

My interactions with dealing with an account manager and project manager have been very, very good. They’ve been very helpful. Every time I needed something to be changed or I needed a question answered, they were right on time.

Q: Can you tell us about Global Brand Voice?

Since we started working with the Lionbridge Global Brand Voice, we have a glossary set in place which means we are saving a lot of time for our reviewers. The translation is all streamlined and our reviewers are not spending more time reviewing the translations. So it’s certainly helped us a lot.

Q: Overall, how has your experience been with Lionbridge onDemand?

Really I think working with Lionbridge, as I have said previously, has been an amazing experience. I’m sure any company, if they were to use Lionbridge, would save a lot of time, would have more access to their resources, and certainly that one price per resource is very helpful in budgeting and knowing how much resources I need to budget for my next collateral that I want to get translated.


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