Lionbridge onDemand Now Offers In-Country Reviews

Lionbridge onDemand promised to continue its glorious path of innovation in 2015, and we are not going to disappoint. onDemand has now deployed an in-country review process, for services that offer a review option, wherein intermediate translated deliverables (referred to as “reviewables”) can be sent for feedback before project completion.  The reviews are called “in-country” because, just like our translators, all reviewers are located in the country of and are native speakers of the target language. So, if a project is translated into Russian, the in-country review will be conducted in – you guessed it – Russia.

So how does this work?

Well, there are two ways that customers can request the additional review step. You can either:

  1. Check the special “review” box provided (this will be enabled on services that offer a review option)        -or-
  2. Email reviewables to reviewers (if you know who your reviewers are)

When a project is submitted for the review process, the reviewer will receive immediate email notification from Lionbridge. In addition, customers will receive email updates throughout the process regarding which reviews are completed and which are outstanding.

The unique onDemand portal makes it extremely easy for reviewables and deliverables to be passed between parties. Files can be easily uploaded, viewed, and downloaded through each customer’s personalized onDemand platform.

Of course, this in-country review is an optional service for onDemand customers. Each customer will be provided with information on the review merits, pricing, and timeline.

Are you deciding if this service is right for your company? Let’s take some time to highlight some reasons why in-country reviews are a highly beneficial step in the overall translation process.

Benefits of In-Country Reviews

In-country reviewers are knowledgeable and well-trained. As previously stated, all in-country reviewers reside in the country of and are native speakers of the target language. In addition, the reviewers must also have knowledge of the source language, whether it is English or any other tongue. Additionally, many reviewers will have familiarity with the subject matter contained in the project. This ensures that all reviewers have the ability to competently judge the material that they are reviewing.

In-country reviewers will stick to style guides and glossaries and adhere to Global Brand Voice.  Before the review process begins, reviewers will familiarize themselves with any existing styles guides or glossaries being leveraged for the project. This is imperative to ensure that all preapproved terms and themes are being utilized in the material. Lionbridge’s patented service Global Brand Voice also helps maintain brand and tone consistency throughout the project.

In-country reviewers can expertly localize your material. Localization is of the utmost importance when translating any project from one language to another. Localization, of course, guarantees that all materials make sense grammatically and culturally when translated into the target language. Those in-country Russian reviewers will make certain that translated words and phrases fit in the context of the project and are not overly-literal.  In addition, localization certifies that all final drafts of translated materials are culturally sensitive. After all, who knows better about the dos and don’ts of a country than those who live and work there?

The Bottom Line

Clearly, a translation project could benefit from a round of in-country review. The review helps to lend a polished, localized feel to each project. Additionally, all reviewers strive to return 100% of reviewables back to every client on time, every time – so no need to fear delays in your translation delivery timeline.

Still not sure if you want to utilize this service? You can discuss this option with your dedicated Lionbridge onDemand account manager. Or, you can learn more by visiting our new website. We hope to hear from you soon!