Benefits of the onDemand Sales Team

You’ve probably seen our onDemand team a few times on Instagram and Twitter, and maybe you’ve met a few of them through the #LionInTheLimelight blogs and the TBTs, but what exactly do they do?

First and foremost, these guys are a sales team.  They are the people making the tough phone calls to get our product out there—not just because they want to make a sale, but because they know that our services are the best, and don’t you deserve the best?

These guys aren’t telemarketers, though.  They never call you during dinner and they are always willing to accommodate your schedule.  Just the other day I overheard online sales rep Maggie making a phone call. There was a short pause after she said hello and then I heard, “Sorry to bother you – why don’t I send you an email instead?”

Our sales reps are always willing to accommodate your needs and your schedule.  Sometimes they get here early in the morning or stay past dark if their prospective client has a time difference or requests a conversation at a specific time. They don’t want to annoy you like this obnoxious Comcast sales rep, but they do want to make sure you know about onDemand.  They want you to know all your options when it comes to your translation needs, so that you can make the best decision for you.

If you don’t like to talk on the phone but don’t have time to wait for an email reply, we also have a chat function right on our home page.  And while they might not be as funny as the customer service reps at Netflix or Amazon, there is always someone at the other end to answer any questions you might have.  Through our mutlilingual chat feature, someone from one of our 46 offices  around the world will be available to chat with you in your native language anytime, anywhere.

I spoke to onDemand Sales Manager Chris DiPietro about his experience with the chat function:

Q: Tell me about a time when you used the chat function?

A: I talked to someone for two hours one time to help this lady upload a project that she needed to translate and get back the next day.  She was really nice about it.  She was having trouble uploading her file and I just stayed on chat with her and helped guide her through the process.

Q: What do clients typically use the chat function for?

A: Mainly customers use it when they are having trouble figuring out how to upload a file or to make sure a file uploaded and confirm where it went.  Sometimes people use it when they are getting an error message.

Sometimes people use it to get a quote. It’s helped us close small deals and even larger deals.

It’s mostly for people who are new or unfamiliar with the system, but it’s always there for people if they need help.  We use it a lot here in Waltham and I know our Warsaw team uses it frequently to chat with people across Europe.

Q: Have you ever had to help someone that spoke a different language?

A: We use a real-time chat translator called GeoFluent to talk to people in other languages.  I have used it a few times to chat with Spanish-speaking clients to help them answer questions they had about uploading files.  I didn’t have any trouble understanding them and there were no problems with the grammar.  It’s a really great function that we use here.  We also sell it to our clients to help them chat with their global customers.

If you want a Language Service Provider with great customer service and a friendly team at your side, look no further.  Come over to Lionbridge OnDemand and chat with someone now for a quote or any questions you might have.  We’re here to help.